Supermarket chic: the new way to shop for clothes?

Phoebe Eyles examines whether supermarket clothes could become more popular as it is the only way to shop for clothes in person.

Phoebe Eyles
7th May 2020
Image: Pixabay

Lockdown due to COVID-19 has seen all fashion retailers close their stores in the UK - and online retailers have seen the benefits. Yet could we get our in-store fix with supermarkets' clothing lines?

I, like many others, have taken to online shopping during this pandemic to keep spirits high during this uncertain time. Receiving that ASOS order from the delivery driver (at a safe distance, of course) provides some excitement in the otherwise monotonous day. However, when purchasing clothes online I tend to stay in my comfort zone as I don't want to buy something that I may have to send back.

Enter supermarkets. Most large shops still have their clothes section open, and are currently the only way to purchase clothes physically. Whilst supermarket clothes might be seen as unfashionable, this could be the time where the public fall in love with F&F or Tu.

M&S was a clothes store before it ventured into food
Image: Wikipedia

Supermarkets have tried to market their fashion ranges as 'trendy' in the past, with collaborations between Gok Wan and Sainsbury's as well as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with M&S. You might not find your next night out (whenever that may be...) outfit in the supermarket aisles but there must be some gems within those clothes racks.

I have traded working on assignments on campus for working at the cashiers in Tesco

I can't imagine we'll be taking George over Giorgio Armani any time soon, but there definitely is an interest in supermarket fashion. Since coming home from university I have traded working on assignments on campus to working at the cashiers in Tesco. I have been surprised at the amount of people adding some clothes onto their weekly shop, ranging from lounge-wear to denim.

Our world has completely turned upside down at the moment, and we're all missing mundane pleasures such as a trip to the high street. Yet it is possible to experience browsing new clothes by taking a peek at what the supermarkets are offering. From a business perspective, supermarket sales are booming and I imagine there has been increased interest in their fashion offerings too.

Perhaps in the near future when we are allowed to go to the shops for non essential purposes, many more will find great fashion items within our supermarkets. For now, I'm happy browsing online but I'm intrigued to see how perceptions of supermarket clothes may change in the future.

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