Sushi Me Rollin’ play with food and get it right

Becky Nelson has discovered Sushi Me Rollin': having embraced the 'restaurant at home', they now deliver delicious flavours to your door

Becky Nelson
15th February 2021
Instagram sushi me rollin

Looking forward, 2021 should be better for the restaurant sector than 2020 - surely it can’t get much worse? However, while eating out remains a right off, an order from Sushi Me Rollin’, who claim to ‘put the fun back in fine dining’ might be just what you were looking for.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can order the chef’s selection; this allows you to sample a bit of everything.

Sushi Me Rollin’ deliver. That is, on the flavour front but also quite literally. They are newly on Deliveroo- which is quite a gamechanger having previously only offered a click and collect service from their restaurant base in STACK, off Northumberland Street. The concept was set up by three friends in 2018, aiming to make sushi accessible to all - and this they certainly do.

The menu is relatively small and frequently changing, which helps to reinforce the fun aspect of their dishes. As a customer you are prevented from trapsing through extensive lists of unfamiliar names and are instead encouraged to take a leap of faith and subscribe to a handful of options on offer. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can order the chef’s selection; this allows you to sample a bit of everything.

Image: Instagram 'Sushi at Home'

However, in my opinion, the main event is the medley of inside-out rolls, varying from elevated classics such as ‘The Big Oppa-Tuna-Ty’ which has sesame rice, spicy tuna, house pickles and citrus mayo. There are some more anglified options too, which are perfect for those slightly hesitant about ‘raw’ fish or are easing into the sushi-world.

One of my personal favourites uses hoisin duck as a filling, which is as delicious as it is unconventional. There are also options with katsu chicken and tempura prawns, paired with crunchy pickles to create perfectly balanced bite-sized pieces. There is something so satisfying about the ritual of eating sushi. Ceremonially bathing your rice in soy sauce and brushing it with wasabi or a blanket of pink ginger. At a time where we need all the sources of novel entertainment we can find, sushi might just be the unexpected answer. 

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