Sustainable is fashionable: The best brands

Candice Zhao discusses some of the most sustainable brands for the environmentally-aware fashion fan.

Candice Zhao
21st October 2019
Image- Pixabay
Are there any brands that will just come to your mind when you feel like shopping? Have you ever wondered if they are sustainable or not? 

When it comes to shopping and fashion, many people associate them with waste and environmental destruction. But is it possible to be an eco-friendly and also stylish person? Luckily the answer is yes. We have put together a list of sustainable brands which are suitable and affordable for students.

VildnisEnvironmentally friendly+ethical= responsible fashion 

Image Source: Vildinis Website

Vildnis is great because it works to a triple bottom line – holding themselves accountable to social and environmental goals as well as financial ones. It regularly audits the factories it works with and the founder, Ulla Vitting Richards, is a champion of sustainable materials and workers rights. 

"If you are looking for delicate, high-quality sustainable style, Vildnis is your choice."

Vildnis only use fabrics that have the smallest environmental impact possible. Organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, lyocell and seacell are mainly what they choose to use during the production. And don’t worry, they do so without compromising on style. From hot summer dress to winter jacket, you can basically find any clothes you want in this brand. If you are looking for delicate, high-quality sustainable style, Vildnis is your choice.


PACT—The best ingredients make the best clothes

“We are building the worlds first guilt-free fashion brand.” PACT said. Organic cotton, Fair trade factory certified, zero harmful chemicals, and processes that use much less water than conventional cotton, these are all the basic principle of Pact.

Their range of basics includes everything from leggings to underwear, tees to hoodies. The clothes themselves are mostly soft and comfy staples that you can wear every day, but there are also pyjamas and underwear so you can opt for organic 24/7. Given their affordable prices and high quality, a purchase from PACT is sure to be an ethical and great deal.

Know The Origin— Zero waste, kind fashion

Image Source: @knowtheorigin (Instagram)

As the name suggests, Know The Origin is all about transparency in the supply chain. As well as selling its own-label clothes, Know the Origin also sell products for kitchen, bathroom, bedding and more. Brilliantly, it lists the ethical credentials of each item and can trace a garment from seed to shop.

Compared with Vildnis, Know The Origin is more budget-friendly. This brand has a very simple and basic style. If you are always into those kind of “must-have single item”, you can never make a wrong choice from Know The Origin.

Alternative Apparel— Casual closet, serious attitude.

Alternative Apparel focuses on using organic cotton and recycled materials whenever possible, along with ensuring workers receive fair pay and safe working conditions. The brand also uses more sustainable packaging and low impact dyes, and it follows strict ethical standards for the factories it sources from.

"Most of the pieces have a vintage look that’s timeless so they won’t go out of style."

Alternative Apparel is a one-stop shop for the bargain hunter. Whether you’re searching for lounge-wear, house decorations, gift sets for friends and family, or accessories, they’ve got you covered. Most of the pieces have a vintage look that’s timeless so they won’t go out of style. 

H&M Conscious— Recycle and sustainable 

Image source: H&M website

Each item in the H&M Conscious collection has an aspect that lessens its environmental impact, like organic cotton or recycled polyester. The best part is that the styles start at just £10 so you don’t have to spend a fortune on sustainable fashion.

You can also recycle your unwanted clothes at H&M stores for a discount to buy something new. The H&M Group parent company says overall it uses 57% recycled or sustainable sourced fibres, with a goal to reach 100% by 2030.

Other sustainable brands: Fjällräven, Everlane, ThredUP, ABLE, People Tree, Outdoor Voices, Levi’s, Punks And Chancers…

There is no planet B, let’s change our wardrobe from fast fashion into ethical fashion.

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