Sweden: an ABBA-lutey wonderful country

Scandinavian fashion, Glögg and saffron infused sweet buns. Amelia Thorpe recalls her visit to the beautiful city Stockholm.

Amelia Thorpe
10th May 2020
Image Credit: Mariamichelle (pixabay.com) from needpix.com
The last foreign soil I stepped on was in Sweden, when I travelled alone in December to visit the beautiful city of Stockholm. As soon as my plane touched down in the secluded Skavsta Airport, I was instantly astounded by the picturesque landscapes that surrounded me.
Image Credit: Peakpx.com

Fuelled by adventure, I gazed out the shuttle-bus window during the long transfer to the city, and I was in absolute awe at the immense natural beauty of Sweden’s forested terrain. I cannot stress how stunning the landscape really is, it’s like something plucked straight out of a fairy-tale.

After arriving in Sweden’s capital, I did a little bit of exploring (which I would continue to do for the following 3 days of my trip). I explored the old town where I saw the medieval Storkyrkan cathedral and the Royal Palace, where the king of Sweden officially resides. Then, I wandered through the rest of the city, and since I visited the week leading up to Christmas, I couldn’t resist browsing the Christmas markets where I bought some traditional Swedish Lussekatter, which are delicious saffron infused sweet buns! But despite my typical try-everything attitude, I couldn’t bring myself to eat Surströmming, which consist of rotten fish! (Sorry Swedes!)

Image Credit: Brian Brown from Wallpaper Flare

Since I visited Sweden in December, there were only a few hours of daylight each day, and not to mention, freezing cold! So, in typical Scandinavian fashion, I would grab myself a cup of Glögg, which is the Swedish answer to mulled wine, and then chill out in my hotel room each evening.

Although it’s expected from a capital city, I was surprised at the huge size of Stockholm, since the city is very spread out. So if you’re planning to visit Stockholm, make sure you wear your comfortable shoes (and wrap up warm!).

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