'Take One Leave One' initiative providing warmth to those in need

The initiative is providing those in need with clothes to stay warm, Hannah Parkinson reports.

Hannah Parkinson
1st March 2021
As the temperature plummeted this February, with lows of -12 degrees across Newcastle, the initiative Take One Leave One (TOLO) was set up to provide warmth to those in need.

While many were able to enjoy the wintery scenes of mid-February, the Newcastle-based charity 'Street Zero' estimated that 20 people are sleeping rough in the city centre on any given night. But it is not only rough sleepers that have struggled this winter, since the pandemic has caused many more to lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet.

TOLO was first established by journalist Stefan Simanowitz during the winter of 2019. Taking inspiration from the scheme, Newcastle’s Dale Nilsen and Daniel Ormonde launched their very own. There are now different branches of TOLO all across the UK.

The stand is located at the bar As You Like It on Archibald Street, and the clothes bank works by encouraging people to leave winter clothes to be anomalously collected by people in need. Since its launch on 25 January, the Newcastle volunteers have been overwhelmed with donations provided by the local community.  

On 22 January TOLO Newcastle tweeted: “This is a people-powered movement […] to share warmth to ANYONE in need during the worst crisis on record”.

TOLO Newcastle is open 10am to 3pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Currently, the organisation is in need of donations of men’s winter coats, men’s shoes (specifically sizes 9 & 10), and men’s waterproof jackets.

If you have any of these items please consider donating them to TOLO Newcastle at As You Like It on Archbold Terrace in the Jesmond Three Sixty complex NE2 1BD. 

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