Take your night out look from 0 - 100

Kajal Patel looks at some of the easiest ways to shake up your night-out look.

Kajal Patel
28th October 2019
Image source: Pexels.com
Maybe your outfit is too casual and you want to spice it up a little? Maybe you’ve put on a dress and realised it was too formal? Or maybe your outfit just straight up needs a little more – you know – SOMETHING. Here’s a couple ways to change up your night out look, whether that means you’re trying to dress up or dress down! 

Firstly, let’s say you’re wearing that “jeans and a nice top” kinda look, but you’ve taken the casual side of things too far. Just by switching out your shoes for a classy pair of stiletto heels, you’ve already taken this look from standard to out out in no time.  

Let’s talk wrap shirts? A simple way to spice up any outfit, whether you’re wearing a shirt already or throwing it over the top of a dress, is to wrap it up. Get the bottom two ends of your shirt and tie them together to singe your waistline. It instantly gives your body more shape and spices up any look.  

Moving onto the outfit that all girls have in their wardrobe – the bodycon dress. There are endless ways to style this staple piece; chuck a leather jacket over the top to grunge up the look a little, or go for a girly vibe and throw on a pair of heels, some silver hoops (a girls best friend) and a clutch purse! 

Okay, time for a lil black dress chat. Personally, the look of throwing on a denim jacket over the top of a dress is too cute to miss. However, if you’re looking to take a little black dress to the next level for a night out – accessorize! I’m talking rings, hoops, a dainty necklace and a cute bag. Just adding a few accessories to this look will take it from a 6 to a 10 without any effort at all.  

Another idea, is to use belts within your outfits. That includes, chain belts, leather belts, wrap belts - the lot. Take your standard oversized top or shirt, pop a belt of your choice around the waist and maybe unbutton the top couple buttons, to give yourself a completely different fit and style. It takes a simple and casual look up a notch or two. Pair this with some boots of your choice and i'm telling you, it's a look that'll have them all staring.

"Don’t be afraid to switch up your style"

The last thing I’m going to say, is don’t be afraid to switch up the style of your night out look – that means having your jacket fall off the shoulder slightly for a sexier look, putting a belt around the waist of a T-shirt dress to take it from casual to stylish or even switching your hairstyle from standard curls to a slicked back ponytail to give your look a classier feel! 

There’s so many ways to change up your night out look, but my biggest advice is to play on accessories and your hairstyle. It’s the small things will take a look from 0 to 100!

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