Takeaways- takeaNAY or takeaYAY?

Aimee Seddon gives us her opinion on whether takeaways should be the way to go

Aimee Seddon
30th March 2020
Image: Christopher Williams (unsplash)
Now more than ever, online delivery services are the backbone of our food culture. With just a tap on your phone, they are the easiest way to order a treat straight to your front door (or library desk!!) But which one is the crème de la crème? The cherry on top of the cake? The cheesiest cheesy chip of them all??

I have narrowed it down to the top free contenders: Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, and I’m ready to spill the takeout beans…

Firstly, Deliveroo is the service providing the greater variety of ‘higher’-end restaurant food, so if you’re a Pizza Express kind of boujee student, then this is definitely the one for you! However, to me, there’s something so wrong about spending £12 on a takeaway burger. If I’m going to be eating this whilst slouching on my couch, rubbish TV playing in front of me, I don’t want to be spending more than a fiver to do so. Plus, I can only go off my own experience and the last time we ordered a Deliveroo, only 3 out of our 4 pizzas arrived! One poor flatmate sat crying in the corner, whilst we chased up the missing pizza, but it was a painful adventure. The delivery driver claimed it wasn’t his fault he was only given three, whilst the restaurant said they’d made four, so it wasn’t their fault if the driver didn’t take them all. With both parties doing their best impressions of Shaggy, we rang customer services, who only suggested a redelivery. There was no offer of compensation, no refund on the missing pizza, instead it just came an hour later, with a much sourer taste than expected!

Now I’m Uber’s number one fan, so it goes without saying Uber Eats should be a winner too. And I have to admit there is one stand out thing I can say about Uber Eats- it’s the only service which delivers McDonald’s. If you just want a pizza, you know any delivery service will do, but when you get THAT McDonald’s craving (you all know what I mean, it’s on its whole own level), there is only one app to use! However sadly there is no uber eats in my local area, the Wirral (which has other 300,000 residents so isn’t exactly small!), and that is just unacceptable. Uber Eats- you must do better.

But whatever your preference, get your orders in and stay safe inside.

Finally, the winner for me has to be Just Eat. It’s your classic, down the road from you, cheap and cheerful takeaway, but on steroids- with so many options huddled together in one place, it’s a food lovers dream. This delivery service has the largest regional scope, and offers the biggest variety of restaurants to choose from, over 70,000!  In terms of facts and figures, it’s also the most popular according to the Apple Store, receiving the most votes (649k) and the highest rating (4.7 stars), so don’t just take my word for it. Plus their marketing team is definitely the winner, DID SOMEBODY SAY JUST EAT gets into my head at least once a day (sorry if it’s now in yours!)

But whatever your preference, get your orders in and stay safe inside. Besides, during the coronavirus crisis, ordering a takeaway is surely a charitably activity, so that’s even more reason to Just Eat!

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