Team Stark vs Team Cap

Jordan Oloman and Dan Haygarth have their own Civil War about who is better, Team Stark or Team Cap. Who will you choose?

16th May 2016

For our final Mega Fan Vs. Giant Cynic, we’ve mixed things up a bit. Seeing as Captain America: Civil War has been captivating audiences worldwide for a couple of weeks, Jordan Oloman and Dan Haygarth put forward their reasons for backing either Team Tony Stark or Team Captain America. Which team are you rooting for?

Team Stark

Iam so Team Stark it hurts, and I can’t understand you Bucky Barnes groupies. I get it, he’s hot, but the guy’s a dick. Have you seen Civil War?

There’s a bit where (SPOILERS) he tells Tony that he remembers everything about killing his parents. What a guy eh? I’m glad he’s cryogenically frozen so that Marvel can get some more interesting storylines other than ‘hurr durr bucky was my friend so it’s ok when he kills people’. Anyway, Bucky rant over, let’s get to the wider reason why I’m team Stark. Cap wants to run around, cause the death of droves of innocent people, and not feel any repercussions for it. He quips his way through Sokovia and Lagos, whilst the completely unstable Scarlet Witch is let loose to cause horrendous damage. Yeah, sure man. And regardless, Stark has the better team. No question. Spiderman, Black Panther and Widow trump the boring Hawkeye and Falcon. If only Ant-Man would have a change of heart.

Jordan Oloman

Team Cap

By signing the United Nations’ ‘Sokovia Accords’, Captain America would surrender control of the Avengers. While Tony Stark may believe that UN regulation of the group is essential, within the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Captain is right to mistrust the powers that be.

The events of The Winter Soldier saw the revelation that HYDRA, a Nazi death cult, was operating within the ranks of US government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. In The Avengers, while Cap et al were busy in Manhattan, dealing with an alien invasion and protecting citizens, the World Security Council’s response to was to fire a nuclear weapon at the city – an interesting way to save lives.

Captain America says about the team, ‘the safest hands are still our own’ and the emergence of the Avengers as an independent group, without a political agenda, has removed any restrictions on their ability to protect the earth.

Dan Haygarth

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