Review: The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

Georgia Meredith shares her experience seeing The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes at Live Theatre.

Georgia Meredith
29th November 2017

Walking in to the set of ‘The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes’ at Live Theatre feels like walking in to a winter wonderland with white sheets adorning the walls and billows of snow hanging from the ceiling.

The festive feeling matches the theme of snowflakes and how ‘no two snowflakes are alike’ due to the course of a snowflake forever changing. Within her play, Nina Berry likens this to love and how its course can be constantly altered by fate. Although a minimalistic set with minimal props and scene changes, the audience remain constantly engaged through the characters of Rosie and Charlie as they tell their story and allow us the pleasure of viewing their life, love and loss.

Just as the play explores the state and the speed of snowflakes as they fall to Earth, the audience are taken on a journey through time and space as the lives of the characters become interlinked. As they travel between their past, present and future from the age of seven until seventy we are shown how fate presents their love with both happy and devastating outcomes. The outstandingly talented actors immediately enthralled the audience in their story, as we meet them at different stages and ages. Their dialogue is both humorous and relatable as they navigate their way through teenage drama, university stress and first jobs and also devastatingly heart-breaking as fate begins to take an unexpected twist.

Don’t just rely on fate to see this play, please go and see it and fall in love with the show and with the characters. Expect to both laugh and cry as the touching dialogue and fantastic acting explores the magic of what it means to be human and what it means to love one another against all odds.

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