The anatomy of a meal deal

Which supermarket offers the best meal deal, and more importantly, what is the supreme choice?

Sam Norman
13th March 2023
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As a self-proclaimed meal deal connoisseur, I believe I have the credentials and experience to add severe weight to my opinion. Last minute runs to work where I’ve dropped by Tesco or Sainsbury’s for a meal deal have left me with many options to judge. 

Starting firmly, Tesco is the best option for meal deals. Boots does deserve a special shoutout, however, Boots locations just aren’t as convenient for me anymore – out of sight, out of mind. Tesco offers a wide variety of main options, pastas, all kind of sandwiches, and I’ve seen sushi as a main and side! Sides are great too, good crisps and nice fruit pots. But the real jewel in a Tesco meal deal is the drinks variety. Their monster or iced coffee has been a life saver for a pick me up before work, but equally a nice innocent or naked smoothie compliments the meal.

But the real jewel in a Tesco meal deal is the drinks variety.

Now, onto the more specifics. A roast chicken and bacon wrap is a classic, reliable, tasty, but safe. If you want your pennies worth, naturally you go for one of the triple sandwiches. On crisps, Tesco offers a good selection of the grab bags, but the fridge raiders are also a valid, yet very controversial option. 

It would feel an injustice to end this without giving my final take, but as a person who changes consistently, that’s extremely difficult. But, with Tesco in mind, all I think of is a spicy bean and cheese wrap, a packet of nice and spicy nik naks and a monster mango loco. 

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AUTHOR: Sam Norman
Head of Current Affairs 23/24. Campus Comment Sub-editor 22/23. BA English Language and Literature Student.

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