The battle of The Toon's student nights

What venue takes the crown for the best student night out?

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1st March 2023
In a city like Newcastle where students rule the roost, every week offers a different event and night of partying for students. Famous for its nightlife, Newcastle boasts a selection of club for everyone, but who takes the crown?

Jessica Mckeown

- Film sub-editor

Whilst not an 'official' club night like the likes of Swingers at Greys or Persistence at Tup Tup, I would argue that Tuesdays at Market Shaker are the best student night out. Tuesdays are an underrated night to go out in my eyes - you can start in the Jesmond bars and make a whole night of buying £2 drinks.

So why Market Shaker in particular? Firstly, Shaker's cheap trebs (pretty self-explanatory). Who is going to turn down getting drunk for less money? Second, the music - songs that the majority of people will have at least heard if not know the words to sing along. Thirdly, Shaker is an easy venue to navigate, in part due to its smaller capacity. I frequently wind up getting lost in Grey's, Tup Tup and Digital when heading to the toilets. It's more rare that you will lose your friends in Shaker even when it's rammed.

Carly Horne

- Head of Culture

For someone who isn't much a fan of a stereotypical club night, I actually think ChachaBuchi is the perfect venue. Classy and chic, with a little something for everyone, it's definitely a contender for the best night out - student or otherwise

Going earlier in the day means a spot for a range of food (including sushi and pizza), as well as some lovely chardonnay-based fondue. Saturday afternoons play host to live music and fans of a bottomless brunch can find it here.

For those club-inclined students, sister venue Howlers hosts all day parties on the weekend. Home to Newcastle's only ball pit par, live entertainment and Bonkers Bingo - Chachabuchi/Howlers is probably the most chaotic venue for a night out in Newcastle, but actually one of the most fun.

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