The Beauty of Bern

Handful of reasons why you shouldn't overlook the capital of Switzerland!

Rebecca Wright
24th February 2023
Image credit: Pixabay

I visited Bern entirely by chance last year, as part of an interrail trip around western Europe. Whilst I was only there for a few days, I was absolutely enchanted by the Swiss capital’s charming medieval architecture and altogether different feel from any other capital city I have been to. Here’s why Bern shouldn’t be overlooked on your bucket list!

As a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beauty of Bern’s architecture has been very carefully preserved. Walking around the streets, the city feels whimsical and small simultaneously, like a well-kept secret. There are markets and flower shops spread around the town squares, as well as countless historical jewels such as Albert Einstein’s former residence, and the 12th Century Zytglogge clock tower. It is this concoction of picturesque and cultural beauty that truly puts Bern out on top.

Image credit: Pixabay

On the subject of picturesque beauty, Bern’s ‘Rosengarten’ is well worth a visit. The steep walk uphill pays off with incomparable views of sprawling rooftops, and the staggering beauty of the garden itself. The city is not only surrounded by nature, but it also actively welcomes it in, which is why Bern is so beautifully unique and dramatically different to any other city. There is a distinctly relaxed vibe, looking over the delightful beauty of the city.

Perhaps a slightly stranger reason to visit Bern is the fact that they have bears. Yes, actual bears. As a free attraction just over the river, the ‘Bear pit’ is a huge enclosure for four resident bears, with a glass elevator connecting the walkways between the enclosure. Unfortunately, we visited in September whilst the bears were hibernating, but the walks around the enclosure were still absolutely worth it. Visit in the summer months for a chance to see them!

Image credit: Pixabay
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