The best and worst Christmas romances on screen

Roxanna Watson discusses the best festive romances on screen.

Roxanna Watson
27th November 2020

Christmas films are often uplifting and romantic to celebrate the season. Whether they're kissing under the mistletoe or not, here is a round up of the best and worst Christmas couples.


5. Bridget and Daniel Bridget Jones’s Diary

Okay so they should definitely be ranking higher than this BUT they have undeniable chemistry and also just provide a lot of entertainment. I also low key still fancy Daniel. 

4. Sam and Annie in Sleepless in Seattle

This is probably the most controversial entry on the list. I feel like they had to have Sam received thousands of letters just to make Annie seem less creepy. But stalking aside, there’s just nothing to them. They don’t even meet until the last ten minutes and when they do it actually feels quite uncomfortable.

3. Iris and Miles in The Holiday

Despite having seen this film a bunch of times, most recently last week, I still had to google whether they were actually even a couple. They have zero chemistry and seem to only exist to offset the weirdness of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law’s romance.

2. Everett and Julie in The Family Stone

I really cannot tell if I’m supposed to like this couple, but they are awful. Given that the entire premise of this film is that Meredith is incredibly insecure, it seems particularly cruel for her almost-fiancé to run off with her younger sister.

1. Harry and Karen (and Mia) in Love Actually

This ranking really needs no explanation. Harry is terrible. Mia is terrible. Do not watch the Joni Mitchell scene if you’re feeling at all vulnerable.


5. Brad and Kate in Four Christmases

I hadn’t seen this film until last week and didn’t expect to be very convinced by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, especially after Google revealed that they apparently hated each other on set. However, I actually thought they had great chemistry. 

4. Lucy and Jack in While You Were Sleeping

I partly just like this film because it feels like justice for Bill Pullman after his character is so poorly treated in Sleepless in Seattle, but Lucy and Jack are also extremely cute. There is a good amount of cats in this film too.

3. Georgia and Sean in Last Holiday

This film is first and foremost about a woman falling in love with herself. I also love that basically everyone else falls in love with her too, and her crush showing up and declaring his love for her is basically just the icing on the cake.

2. Anna and Kristoff in Frozen

This one needs no justification. They simply melt my heart.

1. Harry and Sally in When Harry Met Sally

In my opinion, When Harry Met Sally is one of the best romances ever depicted on screen. Even in the beginning when they hate each other, their chemistry is electric, and after that it just gets better and better.

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