The best and worst relationship tropes

Friends to lovers will always be number one, and I am not afraid to say it...

Amy Mescus
11th March 2024
Image credit: Flickr, Wyatt Fisher
Firstly, the worst one: the love triangle. No way should you compete against someone else for a place in someone’s heart. If you’re an option, leave!

Moving on…

An extremely popular relationship trope is enemies to lovers. Don’t hate me for saying this... I can’t quite get behind it. I appreciate the excitement when sly digs become subtle flirts, but why would you want to date someone you despised for so long? Though maybe I’m just stubborn. I think I’d be more disgusted than flattered by someone I really dislike doting on me. Controversial? I feel like it is. Just hear me out, people.

Again, I feel like this may cause some people to resent me, but I’m not the biggest fan of a slow-burn relationship. I apologise, but something about them is just so boring. I’m also slightly impatient, and I enjoy seeing the signs of someone having feelings for someone else. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll still be deeply invested in every “we walked past each other on campus today and they didn’t look at me” along the way.

There’s nothing more beautiful than creating a pure, innocent bond with someone and watching it flourish into something romantic.

Now, I understand how scary friends to lovers can be. The worry of not wanting to ruin the friendship you have, the unknowing of do they like you back or are they just being friendly? I get it… I’ve lived it, actually. So, call me biased if you do so wish, but it is undeniably the best relationship trope ever. I think there’s nothing more beautiful than creating a pure, innocent bond with someone and watching it flourish into something romantic. Yes, there’s the potential soul-crushing outcome that is, they don’t reciprocate feelings… but so what. We’re all (hopefully) mature enough to stay friends after situations like this. And if they do like you back, amazing! You already know the person inside and out, so you know if they’re a good match for you.

Special shoutout to the tropes where a totally random scenario makes you realise you do have romantic feelings towards another person. They’re great.

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