The best city break destinations: Spring 2020

Anna Goclawska shares her favourite city break destinations for an impromptu holiday this spring

Anna Goclawska
25th February 2020
Semester two has just started however, already we all have our heads in the clouds, dreaming of escaping our university responsibilities just for a couple of days… Considering the industrial action, we might actually have a chance for that!

But isn’t it too much for a student’s budget to take an impromptu trip without any occasion? Apparently, for some destinations not at all! Ryanair offers tons of cheap direct return flights; some of them just under £20 from Newcastle! So pack your backpack, grab your friends and have a time of your life in these beautiful cities for next to nothing!

Dublin, Ireland: return from £8.40

Dublin for sure has it all; good food, music, architecture and of course Guinness (because you can’t be Ireland without going to actual Irish pub!). So you know what to do during your nights away, but what else can you see in the Irish capital, filled with history and culture? As a student you should start with the stunning Trinity College (founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I) and it’s magnificent library with over 200,000 books. If you enjoy history, I advise you go to The Irish Emigration Museum where you can find out about the peak of Irish emigration to The New World during the Irish famine in mid-19th century. After that you can take a stroll along the river Liffey which runs right through the city centre and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Then start your night with live music and pints of Guinness in the Temple Bar district which is a little bit more expensive but will make your Irish experience complete!

Palma de Mallorca, Spain: return from £18

If you feel like swapping the gloomy English weather for sunshine and Spanish sangria, the best place to visit is the lively Palma; on one of the most known party islands Mallorca. This destination is for those who prefer laying on the beach, dancing to southern rhythms and savouring the little moments.  When you arrive at the airport start your trip with a sugar hangover and head to a local cafeteria and order ensaïmada; a sweet bread dusted with powdered sugar or filled with custard. Then take a stroll along the marina lined with stunning sail boats and yachts to Parc de la Mar and see the mural of Joan Miró Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramicist. If you want to dip your toes in the sand head further to the Ca'n Pere Antoni beach with it's long promenade, ideal for the evening stroll. To compensate for the long walking and your aching feet, go the Santa Catalina; an artsy neighbourhood where you can enjoy tapas and fancy Mediterranean dishes.

Wroclaw, Poland: return from £32

Wroclaw was announced as a European Capital of Culture in 2018 which gives me the right to say that it’s one of the best options for art and history enthusiasts, as well as for those who like to sip a coffee in the city centre and observe the life of the locals. Many coffee shops along with the traditional restaurants, are located in the Market Square near the City Hall. Since Wroclaw has one of the oldest and biggest old towns among the Polish cities, taking a full day to appreciate its beauty (despite the turbulent past) is definitely a good option. While taking a stroll you cannot pass up on visiting the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist; the Neo-gothic miracle rebuilt after WWII. To roll back in time to the 20th century even more you may wish to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery; one of the most well-preserved Jewish Cemeteries in Europe. Alternatively there is also Hala Stulecia – the modernist architecture structure. Make sure to end your trip to Poland with enjoying traditional dumplings (pierogies in Polish!) in Pierogarnia Stary Mlyn, located in the Old Town!

Hopefully you will consider taking a couple of days off to see these amazing places. Remember: "every trip educates" (you can use that argument against confused parents asking about what you do with your students loan!)

Feature Image Credit: CollegeDegrees360 from Flickr (student) (CC BY-SA 2.0), Pamjpat from Pixabay (map)

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