The best independent cafés and coffee shops in Newcastle

Our writers take you through a tour of Newcastle’s best independent cafés and coffee shops for your next lunch on the go.

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3rd November 2021
Image Credit: Hazel Ridley
In Newcastle there is no shortage of amazing independent cafés and coffee shops. In this article, three of our writers take us through some of their favourites.

Sky Apple Cafe

I stumbled across Sky Apple Cafe - a vegetarian deli (with very good vegan options) - on a Saturday Morning quest for food to quell my hangover. It's on the corner of a row of restaurants and cafes on Heaton Road, and has a huge menu . Its opening times are a little quirky, but it is open most days around 11 - 3 and also stays open late on Fridays to sell vegan 'vish' & chips (or halloumi, mmmmmm).

Image credit: Maud Webster

The guy who owns the deli is such a gem and also sells very very scoffable cakes & sweet treats, as well as a wide range of drinks. Whilst they don't sell coffee, you can pop two shops down to pick one up whilst you're waiting five minutes for your food. I'd recommend pretty much anything on the (extensive!) menu, enjoyed on a bench in Heaton Park, which is just over the road from Sky Apple.

Image credit: Maud Webster

Maud Webster

Independent coffee shops are easy to find around Newcastle and as an avid coffee drinker, discovering this made my move to this city that bit more exciting.

If you’re looking for a quick cup head to the Daily Grind van just outside of main campus, the double shots of espresso are no extra charge and the owner gives you a free biscuit with your coffee. When I feel like doing some Uni work I drag my housemates to Flat Caps. It has the fringe benefit of serving some amazing food but is pretty formal as far as cafes go so, for those who prefer somewhere more relaxed I’d go with Olive and Bean.

Image Credit: Hazel Ridley

If you’re nearer to Jesmond then the go-to has to be Cake Stories as they have adorable decorations and their brownies are insane.

Image Credit: Hazel Ridley

Hazel Ridley

Les Petits Choux

Les Petits Choux is a little independent coffee shop located right beside the Newcastle university campus. The French inspired cafe has an intimate and cosy environment- the perfect place to catch up with friends! They have a wide range of coffees from across the world, a lunch menu and an abundance of sweet treats and pastries to choose from. The pricing is reasonable, £3.50 for a toasted cheese and ham flatbread with chilli jam and £2.80 for an iced coffee. With vintage style windows and the smell of fresh crossaints- just like a true Parisian you could sit here all day! 

Katie McNeill

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