The Best Plane Spotting place in the UK

Biggest airport in the UK and one of the big 6 in the world also provides the best plane spotting views!

Neve Sillito
10th March 2023
It is without a doubt that the most exciting airport in the UK is Heathrow. The size of a small city, Heathrow sees over 1,000 planes depart and arrive each day; making it the ideal place for plane spotting. But with a constant stream of planes in the sky - where is the best place to see them?

Possibly the most iconic spot for plane spotting here is Myrtle Avenue in Hounslow, a five-minute walk from Hatton tube station. This piece of grassland sees planes land so close to Heathrow that it feels as if you can touch them yourself! Here you can see planes landing from Heathrow’s Southern runway and taking off from the Northern runway, so there is plenty of variety. From the classic superjumbo A30 to the new Airbus A350, spectators can see planes of all sizes, landing from all over the world.

Image credit: Unsplash

If you prefer a space with more facilities, Heathrow Academy is the ideal location for a family-friendly, plane spotting day. Located on North Perimeter Road, there is a covered viewing stand which is always free of charge. Inside the academy there is a café and an aviation-themed gift shop, making it the perfect spot for an affordable day out. Here you can view planes parked at Terminals 1 and 3, with a fantastic view of the runway 27R.

If you are lucky enough to be flying from Heathrow, Terminal 4’s observation deck has a 270-degree view of the southern runway.

Happy plane spotting!

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