The best takeaways in Newcastle

Your next favourite, go-to takeaways in Newcastle

Rachael McCreanor
22nd September 2022
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Takeaways: the foundation of student life. But, with the ridiculous amount of cafes, restaurants, and chains that fill Newcastle’s streets, how do you know where to go? Well, fear not! This is a handy guide to (in my opinion at least) the best takeaways in Newcastle.

Gingerino’s Kitchen

First up, we have Gingerino’s Kitchen, one of the best options for budget-friendly pizza. With Calzone and (pretty big) pizza slices at £3.50, it’s hard to go wrong, especially when they taste this good. Whilst the menu is fairly limited, the options they do offer cater to meat-eaters, veggies, and vegans alike. There’s something for everyone and at these prices, it’s most definitely worth a try.

My Delhi

This next one is a favourite in my uni house. It's not the cheapest place in the world, but with street food dishes at around a fiver, it’s definitely worth trying. My Delhi is by far my favourite Indian restaurant, it boasts the best onion bhajis in Newcastle, as well as a variety of amazing curries and street food. If you try anywhere on this list, it should be here.

Creams Café

When you’re craving takeaway desserts, Kaspa’s is probably what pops into your head. Whilst undoubtedly delicious, I would implore you to look past the obvious and to its just as nice (and slightly cheaper) counterpart – Creams. As well as being extremely tasty, another bonus to this place is its vegan options for waffles, crepes, and cookie dough - something Kaspa's does not offer.

Dot Bagels

The extent of the menu is unbelievable– you can get an entire veggie breakfast inside a bagel, tiny potatoes included!

I cannot adequately express how good this place is. I once waited an hour for the food to arrive and it was worth every minute, I had zero regrets. The extent of the menu is unbelievable– you can get an entire veggie breakfast inside a bagel, tiny potatoes included! Of course, more usual options are available, but no matter what you choose you can guarantee that it will be life-changing. What a place.

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AUTHOR: Rachael McCreanor
Deputy Editor 23/24, PGR Student studying for an MLitt in English Literature. she/her.

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