The Big Night in: NUSU reveals which societies are supporting the club boycotts

In line with the Club Boycotts happening this week, NUSU has revealed which societies are standing in solidarity with the 'Big Night in'

Kayleigh Fraser
26th October 2021
Newcastle Students Union building. Image credit: geograph
Leading up to the 'Big Night in' NUSU has made a statement revealing which societies have stood in solidarity with the movement.

In the past month, stories have been flooding in from across the country from people who have been severely injured and even hospitalised from spiking. This rise in spiking has led to widespread discussion and action upon this harrowing and vile crime.

From this, a campaign has been launched across the country dubbed as the 'Big Night in' or sometimes 'Girls Night in'. The campaign is aiming to get as many people as possible to boycott clubs from the 25th October onwards.

Each city seems to have their own specific date - Newcastle's being the 28th October.

On the 26th October, Newcastle University's Student Union made a statement detailing which societies are supporting the boycott.

The list goes as follows in alphabetical order:

93% Club Newcastle

Afro-Caribbean Society

Amnesty International Society

Archaeology Society

Architecture Society

Biology Society

Blank Canvas

Brunei Newcastle Society

Business Society

Caledonian Society


Combined Honours Society

Drag Society

English Society

Fellwalking Society


Feminist Society

History Society

Indie Society

International Society

LGBTQ+ Society


Newcastle Law Society

Newcastle University Running Club

Newcastle University Sustainable Medics


People and Planet Society

Physics Society


Speech and Language Therapy Society

Tamil and Malayali Society

Tedx Society

All of these societies have pledged to stay in on the 28th of October in an effort to raise awareness of spiking and urge nightclubs to take permanent action on the crisis.

To gain more of an insight on this, we spoke to Charlie Moses who is President of Indie Society - one of the many boycotting this week. He said:

For far too long the onus has been on women being expected to stay in to stay safe rather than tackling the root of the spiking problem

Charlie Moses, President Of Indie Society

Continuing, he said the Indie Society is standing in solidarity to send "A strong message to bar and club owners that they need to ensure the safety of women in their establishments."

"Indeed a lot already have stepped up to the mark with additional security, drink covers, testing kits and such. This is still, however, just mitigating and not eliminating the problem but it is still an important step in the right direction."

The Courier, NSR and NUTV are all standing in solidarity with the Big Night In this week and are standing in solidarity and support of all victims of spiking.

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AUTHOR: Kayleigh Fraser
Campus Comment Sub Editor for 2021/22 and Head of News at NSR. English Literature Student heavily obsessed with politics, bath and body works and making positive change. Also slightly infatuated with iced coffee, guinea pigs, my dog and binging The Simpsons.

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