The Blinders are ones to watch in 2019

Tom Hardwick predicts big things for The Blinders in 2019 and why they're "ones to watch"

Tom Hardwick
1st March 2019
Image- Flickr- Paul Hudson

What is it that’s good about music? If it’s searing riffs and frenetic drumming designed to send a crowd into delirium, then The Blinders are well equipped for success. If it’s those emotionally charged songs designed to pull on heartstrings, The Blinders might just do well for themselves. If it’s the ability of artists to use their platform to launch scathing social and political critiques, then The Blinders are likely to be a band to watch in 2019.

Even if you hadn’t heard of The Blinders in 2018, don’t be surprised if they become one of 2019’s breakout acts

Their debut album ‘Columbia’ was released to acclaim in 2018, and with the band embarking on UK and European tours in the spring, the coming year is likely to see the band maintain their upward trajectory. ‘Gotta Get Through’, ‘Brave New World’ and ‘Hate Song’ are just a few examples of the songs that have earned the band a reputation for raucous live shows. These songs are typified by scorching instrumentals and lyrics delivered with power and potency, extending a hand into the past to appropriate punk influences and drag them into the modern day.

The Blinders are not a one-trick pony, however, something displayed by tracks such as ‘The Ballad of Winston Smith’ and ‘Orbit’. These are stripped back acoustic songs that are poignant and political, dripping with Orwellian references and laying bare issues such as immigration, poverty and media misinformation in a manner that is simultaneously beautiful and haunting.

Having established a catalogue of songs that contribute to live shows pulsating with energy, The Blinders now have a year ahead of them in which to further enhance their reputation. With a myriad of gigs and festival appearances to come later in the year, even if you hadn’t heard of The Blinders in 2018, don’t be surprised if they become one of 2019’s breakout acts.

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