The Boycott is over –where are our marks?

The frustration of new assignments without last year's marks

Anna Nix
7th November 2023
Image credit- wikicommons, Alan Levine
Coming to university as an international student with the mindset of ‘British universities are better than the ones back home’ I was quite shocked at how disorganized the education system can get.

Strikes, that were once foreign nature to me are now a part of my everyday live. Last year was a mix of constant confusion, frustration and demotivation when it came to handing in my assessments, knowing full well I won’t receive a grade back for months.

All that said, the marking boycott that started on 20 April 2023 has finally come to an end on 30 September 2023. Yet as I am writing these words, many students, including myself, have still not received their grades back.

At this point I am waiting for grades on essays I do not remember writing, essays whose themes I can only barely recall. This uncertainty about my grades from last year unfortunately comes in with having to prepare for new assessments.

I have started working on deadlines for this year without knowing how well I did on my assignments last year.

For many students who are in the same waters as me, it feel pointless. It feels like students are putting their hundred percent effort in but not receiving the same effort back.

Additionally, what makes this even worse, is the fact that we are paying thousands of pounds for a flawed system that does not seem to be working as it should. Students are wondering where all their money goes.

For international students who came here because the education was supposedly better, they are paying over £21000, and the university boycott behaviour seems more unjustifiable.

To not end on such a serious note, we also need to keep the students who need academic validation in mind because what are they supposed to do now, without their grades?

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