The cherry on top - a Bake Off finale to remember

Bake Off 2021 has finally come to an end and we have a winner!

Jess Bradbury
6th December 2021
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It’s a year that’s seen Italians win the Euros, Eurovision and gain a record number of medals at the Olympics - but their biggest achievement to date has to be Guisseppe winning the finale of The Great British Bake Off.

It was the episode that boasted possibly the most even playing field for any final yet, with all three bakers claiming the title of star baker twice and numerous Hollywood handshakes held between them. Who was going to win? It was nearly impossible to tell - with fan favourite Jurgen being knocked out in the semi-final, it was anyone’s game. Crystelle and her beautiful aesthetics, Guisseppe’s precise and perfectionist methods and Chigs’ ability to pick up any recipe and turn out a masterpiece, despite only baking for a year, meant strong competition.

Image Credit: Hollywood Handshake Leaves Giuseppe in Tears, The Great British Bake Off, YouTube

I found myself oscillating between who I wanted to win - Guisseppe had been my favourite throughout the series, but it would have been so heartwarming to see Chigs win with only a year of experience under his belt. Similarly, seeing reigning star baker Crystelle finish on such a high would have felt like the cherry on top of the cake, as it was clear to see how much baking shapes her life. But in the end, it was Guisseppe who took the crown and with a wholesome dedication to his father, was crowned the winner of the series. Watching the episode with a group of friends, we all gave a loud cheer as Noel announced his name at the end.

But the winner wasn’t the only highlight of the episode, of course, the bakes looked as delicious as ever. First up in the signature was a carrot cake - a bit of an odd choice for a finale in my opinion. It was an even start, with none of the bakers really excelling at the challenge - Guiseppe’s was too soft, Chigs’ too rubbery and Crystelle’s too wonky. The technical saw Crystelle's first-ever win as the recipe simply told them to “make Belgian buns” and nothing else. But it was the showstoppers worthy of a Mad Hatter’s tea party that really took the biscuit.

Image Credit: @BritishBakeOff, Twitter

Each of the bakers turned out something beautiful, but Crystelle’s raw focaccia saw her go out of the running almost immediately. Chigs’ Cheshire Cat cake in the Leceister City colours made me chuckle and Guisseppe’s panna cottas had the judges enthralled. It was a finale that was mainly free of any drama, all the tension bubbling under the surface of the cool bakers, but even still it was highly enjoyable and I will miss watching the programme until it returns. 

If the GBBO finale taught us anything it’s this - Italians really do everything best.

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AUTHOR: Jess Bradbury
English lit student with a very good talent for rambling. Twitter/IG @jessbradburyx

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