The cost of an end to lockdown

Meg Howe explains why we shouldn't be treating everything as if it's back to normal

Meg Howe
19th July 2020
Lockdown. Those few months of 2020 that blurred into one for everyone across the world.

Countries around the world have recently begun to slowly start the return back to normal, meaning it was inevitable that Boris Johnson was going to say the same for the UK. (Well, England!)

Using the catchy phrase “eat out to help out”, our beloved Prime Minister informed the country that it would be heading into a new normal earlier this month, with the opening of bars and restaurants. Since then, we've been told that gyms and other leisure spaces will be able to open nearer the end of the month; but also, that we must wear masks on public transport and more recently in shops.

Does this mean lockdown is over?

So, does this mean lockdown is over? Yes, “lockdown” may be easing: we do not have to stay inside; and aren't limited to one form of outdoor exercise every day. But no, it is far from over, and the pandemic is still very much still ongoing! We're still unable to go partying or even hug our friends and family, life really isn't back to normal at all.

It's irresponsible to be treating things as if the pandemic is over. Yes, everyone is sick of having to stay inside, or having to make sure they're always socially distanced, but people are still dying of COVID-19. Nor have the regulations changed regarding self-isolation; if you or someone in your family has symptoms, or are awaiting test results, you are still required to quarantine until all symptoms have dissipated.

So, while lockdown is being "eased" in the hospitality and leisure sectors, there's still rules in place to keep the population as safe as possible, showing that the danger is far from over!

While you may not mind taking the risk, others may end up suffering from the poor decisions you choose to make.

While you may not mind taking the risk, others may end up suffering from the poor decisions you choose to make. If people continue taking unnecessary risks when other options are available - such as partying in close proximity to others, when you could go for a sensible drink outside - the nation is truly on the road to disaster!

For the ‘normal’ person, the lockdown period seems to be coming to an end and we now have a few more freedoms than we previously did. But NHS and care workers still face the constant battle of making sure they are protecting themselves, their families and their patients.

If you know there will be a chance you won’t be able to adhere to social distancing in particular situations, and the situation is not necessary, then really, it's your civic duty to not go. Regardless of whether lockdown is being eased, COVID-19 is still a danger.

Image Credits: Pixabay and Parsons Media

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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