The Courier: 14 days of sport - day 10

For day 10 of our sports challenge the prompt was 'Favourite Olympic sport to watch?'

Grace Dean
21st May 2020
The Olympics: the biggest sporting event on the planet which showcases the best in a variety of sports. From fencing to football it's got it all, but what do our writers think are the best sports to watch?


When I was in primary school, the supposed "advanced swimmers" among us had diving lessons at our local pool, while those slightly more inexperienced learnt the basics of how not to sink in the shallow end. Sadly my diving career never launched, probably because I wasn't very good at it, but this didn't stop me appreciating the art of it. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I have always loved watching diving at the Games.

Beijing is the first Olympics I can remember watching, and I have memories of avidly following Great Britain's daily progress on CBBC's Newsround. As a young British athlete at just 15 years old, with an incredibly down-to-earth, endearing personality, Tom Daley rightfully dominated much of the UK's Olympic coverage. Tom was my first introduction to the world of Olympic diving, and I've enjoyed watching the sport at every Games since.

Image - Chris Downer via GeoGraph

I understand none of the terminology that they use, but that's okay. They do twists and turns and rotations and spins, but the commentators use much more technical names. Even from my incredibly inexperienced perspective, I can appreciate the beauty of the sport. The way the divers contort their bodies never fails to astound me as they twist into a range of positions in just mere seconds. That's one aspect of diving that keeps me so engaged when watching - because each dive is so short, I can't help but pay attention, compared to some much longer sports than can become repetitive and monotonous.

As someone who loves statistics, the scoring system genuinely intrigues me - it's a bit like watching Eurovision.

If none of that is enough to convince you, just google "diving faces". I promise you won't be disappointed.

Source: YouTube @Olympic

Grace Dean

Featured image sources: Wikimedia Commons, GeoGraph
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AUTHOR: Grace Dean
Editor-in-Chief of the Courier 2019/20, News Editor 2018/19, writer since 2016 and German & Business graduate. I've written for all of our sections, but particularly enjoy writing breaking news and data-based investigative pieces. Best known in the office for making tea and blasting out James Blunt. Twitter: @graceldean

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