The Courier: 14 days of sport - day 13

For day 13 of our sports challenge the prompt was 'Favourite sport to play'

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24th May 2020
Sure, we all love to watch sports on the big screen. But what about those times when you've tied your boots, put your shin pads on, and stepped out onto that pitch yourself? We've asked our writers and editors to talk about a sport that they love to play


Kind of an obvious one, as I'm sure that most lads growing up played football one way or another. Whether forced to in PE or playing it in the street, we've all kicked a football once in our life. I was a late bloomer to the sport, so by the time my mates were channelling their inner Ronaldinho's, I was left channelling my inner Tony Hibbert. However, even though I played like I had two left feet, I still have many fond memories from chilling with my mates on a lunchtime at Sixth Form, with a full XI either side, and trying not to embarrass myself too much within 45 minutes. Or huge circles of one bounce which, more often than not, ended up with the ball being launched over the fence into oncoming traffic. When it came to launching the ball into the air with no skill or finesse, to quote Alan Partridge, I had a foot like a traction engine...

Source: YouTube via mf5001

Tom Moorcroft


When I was a kid, I played every sport going. Football, tennis, handball, basketball you name it- I did it and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, there was one sport that was a favourite in school amongst both the sporty types and the people who couldn’t give a monkeys, and that was benchball. Benchball was the ultimate sport, there was nothing better on a Friday afternoon than finding out that the teachers couldn’t be arsed to teach and they threw us into the gym for what was always a hotly contested battle. Split into two teams, the aims are to get all of your team onto the opposing bench, with members getting to go on the bench if someone already on it caught the ball. We could spend hours and hours on this simple, yet brilliant game, developing intricate and complex tactics in order to win- benchball was the ultimate sport.

Rebecca Johnson

Featured image sources: Flickr, Wikimedia Commons

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