The Courier: 30 days of music - day 14

Stick on your suits and gowns, it’s wedding time. Our writers have chosen the sweet sounds they want played when they tie the knot.

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19th April 2020
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Let's get it on. Stick on your suits and gowns, it’s wedding time. Our writers have chosen the sweet sounds they want played when they tie the knot.

'Pretend You Don't See Her' - Jerry Vale

If I have a hunch about the way my life is going, I'm guessing that at my wedding I'll be getting married to someone I don't love during a mid-life crisis while the person I do love is a guest at my wedding, and the whole thing will seem like the script of a b-tier Bollywood movie where I'm perpetually longingly staring at them. What better soundtrack to that scene than Jerry Vale's 1961 jazz ballad about doing just that? Looking somewhere above her, pretending you don't see her? That is solid advice. Thank you Jerry Vale. I'll let the 2030s me know.

Muslim Taseer

'Waterfall' - The Stone Roses

If i'm being honest I could have chose from an array of Stone Roses songs: 'This Is The One', 'Sally Cinnamon'... But 'Waterfall' has a really beautiful quality to the song and I just imagine how perfect it would be to have a first dance to. Very romantic. I really couldn't choose anything but a Stone Roses song for my wedding; the band means a lot to me.

Hope Lynes

'Songbird' - Fleetwood Mac

I’m not one to think that far into the future, but I guess for a song to be played at a wedding you’d conventionally want it to be slow, with powerful lyrics about love and unity. After listening to Fleetwood Mac for yesterday’s ‘Song from the 70s’, I’ve rediscovered their discography, and have subsequently picked ‘Songbird’ for today's briefing. With a lovely light piano throughout, and emotional lyrics from Christine McVie, this song says it all in a simple and effective manner. The lyrics say everything that I’d want my future spouse to know, which is testament to the power of music.

Tom Moorcroft

'Sweet Thing' - Van Morrison

I don’t really like this question, people who plan their weddings in their heads before they’re engaged freak me out a bit, but if I’ve got to pick a romantic song it has to be Van Morrison. His album Astral Weeks is one of my favourites of all time, and the third track, 'Sweet Thing', is one of my favourites off the album so I’m going to go with that. The song acts as a microcosm of the album as it is melodic, weird, evocative and beautiful, it’s Van Morrison at his absolute best. With its lack of chorus and mishmash of sounds you find something new every time you hear it and the lyrics are as lovely as the song itself. Van Morrison is the master of romantic songs and I think this is his best.

Stanley Gilyead

'Only Love' - Ben Howard

To be completely honest I really struggled with this one, this isn't something I had though of before and I really didn't want to go full cliche. I decided to go with a chilled out relaxing song dedicated to love, that's how I ended up here. Not the most well known artist or song out but a mellow piece, perfect for the context of a wedding. A top ten song back in 2013, Howard's first the song probably deserves a bit more recognition than me being stumped thinking of wedding songs.

Patrick Harland

'It Must Be Love' - Madness

If I was picking wedding songs, I’d want them to be as upbeat as possible, making ‘It Must Be Love‘ the perfect choice. Although it is actually a cover, with the original being sung by Labi Siffre, Madness certainly put their own stamp on this version. Featuring an superb saxophone solo, a subtle string section and now-iconic lyrics, this is the kind of wedding song that isn’t going to have people crying into their cake but get them on their feet and singing along. There’s something joyful about this song, managing to capture what love is about with those buoyant rhythms that made Madness so popular, and it would be a perfect track for such an occasion.

Tom Hardwick

'Move Like You Want' - Ben Howard

A good time put to music. 'Move Like You Want' is a song about just that. Dancing with someone you cherish in anyway you like. It doesn't matter if you look graceful, ridiculous or insane. All that matters is that you're with someone you love. Sonically, this song resonates a thankful joy whilst working well as a reflective piece of music. Making it an almost perfect wedding song.

Joe Smith

'fallingforyou'- The 1975

Yep, my wedding's gonna be full of tears. 'fallingforyou' is one of The 1975's early classics from their fourth EP. This track is a true love story, the character in the story is out with his friend who he realises he has fallen for. He laments that he no longer wants to be just her friend and instead wants to be with her romantically. He realises she might say no but he doesn't care, he loves her. 'fallingforyou' is a song about true love and a song that represents everything I want my future wedding day to be.

Dominic Lee

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