The Courier: 30 days of music - day 26

'Songs that make you want to fall in love' was the theme of today's challenge.

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30th April 2020
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Most of us love love and want to fall in love, but what's the point to falling in love if you can’t have a soundtrack for it? Our writers have picked the tunes that they'd love to fall in love to.

'FUTURE BAE' - Jimothy Lacoste

Mr Lacoste's break out single is dedicated to his future girlfriend, Sally. Mr Lacoste assures her that, though he's busy making money, they will soon have a life full of mutual support, happiness, and Waitrose shopping. Its smooth beat, programmed on an iPad, is decidely lo-fi, but exudes confidence and sophistication that only Mr Lacoste has. Don't miss the accompanying video that features his famous dance moves and signature designer tennis clothes. Rude tune.

Tom Leach

'God Only Knows' - The Beach Boys

Released on The Beach Boys’ studio album, ‘Pet Sounds’, in 1966, ‘God Only Knows’ personifies the idyllic ‘honeymoon’ period of any new relationship and gently immortalises the romantic haze that was ever-present in the mid-1960s. Dreamt up by Tony Asher, the lyrics appear to reflect the hopeless yearning for his sweetheart, increasing in desperation as the song progresses as Asher questions, that without his lover, “what good would living do me”, which gives the otherwise lullaby-like single a darker undertone. In juxtaposition to this, the lyrics are coupled with soft, dreamy melodies which inspire me to fall in love all over again.

Amelia Thorpe

'Dogwood Blossom' - Fionn Regan

Lol and Woody from This Is England are the best TV couple going. I won’t spoil it, but at the end of This Is England ‘88 there’s an emotional moment between the two, and Fionn Regan’s song 'Dogwood Blossom' kicks in in the background. It’s an absolutely beautiful moment and vintage Shane Meadows tele. The song fits the moment perfectly with its lovely, comforting stripped back acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals. It’s a great, intimate song and I really like it in its own right but it always reminds me of Lol and Woody. I don’t know if it makes me want to fall in love but it definitely makes me want to watch two really good actors pretend to be in love in a Channel 4 drama so I reckon that counts.

Stanley Gilyead

'I'm Not in Love' - 10cc

'I’m Not in Love' at first glance appears to be a song about, well, not being in love, but it’s the opposite. Written by Eric Stewart as a response to his wife who claimed he didn’t say “I love you enough”, the song argues that saying “I love you” too often demeans the phrase. The song goes through all the feelings of love, trying to dismiss it as a “silly phase” but ultimately falling in love as the song goes on. Using minimal instruments, the song primarily uses voices to provide the slow and gushy melodies that soundtrack the song.

Rebecca Johnson

'Annie's Song' - John Denver

‘Annie’s Song’ fits today’s criteria for a number of reasons. It’s hard to deny that this is something of a romantic track, with John Denver’s declaration of love being enough to tug at the rustiest of heartstrings. However, it is the adapted lyrics sung by Sheffield United fans that make this song the perfect choice for day 26. At Bramall Lane, fans belt out this tune prior to kickoff, but the object of love in this version is not a partner, but a football club and a city. ‘Annie’s Song’ has been adopted as an ode to Sheffield United and indeed Sheffield itself, and hearing the opening line play over the speakers before the stands burst into song always gives me goosebumps. This is a song that captures love in it’s many forms, and it was always going to be hard to pick anything other than this offering from John Denver.

Tom Hardwick

'Fallout'- Neon Indian

I've rewritten this article about five times so as to write it in a way where I can still maintain a sense of dignity afterwards, but I can see that's not happening. I confess: I am a sad little emotional boy that likes songs about heartbreak more than songs about love. Sue me. This banger off Neon Indian's Era Extrana is just that. It's fucking beautiful, and he's singing about wanting to fall out of love with someone. That's more my speed.

Muslim Taseer

Still Together - Mac DeMarco

Mac Demarco may be one of my favourite ever artists. I’ve had to refrain myself from picking a song of his every day, so I’ve waited for the last few days to get some of his tunes out. This track, written as a love letter for his long-time girlfriend Kiera, spouts lyrics which leaves it’s listeners begging for the kind of relationship that Mac and 'Kiki' have. Such soft lyrics accompanied with a smooth acoustic guitar, and a signature emphatic Mac ending, are a love song’s perfect combination, with lines such as “And where I go she’s at my side, half of my life, together”. I also love how raw the recording is, as we can even hear Mac put down his guitar and leave the room to talk to his girlfriend, ending the song with a simple message to his second half: “I love you”.

Tom Moorcroft

'Don't Delete the Kisses'- Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice's 'Don't Delete the Kisses' from their 2017 Mercury Prize winning album Visions of a Life is already a classic indie love song. It's forward and brash, which is exactly what love should be. Love is a unique feeling which seems incredibly nuanced and complicated but is actually very simple and straightforward. 'Don't Delete the Kisses' is a perfect song for the young generation playing on the idea of putting kisses at the end of the message and how our interactions online with the people we have feelings for can seem daunting at first. Until you take the leap and put that kiss at the end you'll never know if that person is meant for you.

Dominic Lee

'Then I Met You' - The Proclaimers

I really struggled with this one, I don't often think songs make me want to fall in love. But this one definitely makes me wish I was. From the 1988 album Sunshine on Leith this song considers how love can help someone change their mind, that things that were bad may actually get better. It speaks of the significance that just one other person can have on the life of another, and just for that it is a beautiful song.

Patrick Harland

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