The Courier: 30 days of music - day 3

“Songs that remind you of summertime” was the theme of today’s song choices.

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7th April 2020
Images: Instagram (@liamgallagher, @thebeatles, @circawaves, @sportsteam), YouTube (LightningSeedsVEVO)
Here we are! It's day three of the Courier's 30 days of music. Day three is all about that summer sun which unfortunately we're probably not going to enjoy much of this year. However, our writers are here to remind you of the joys of summertime with their picks for "songs that remind you of summertime".

'Three Lions'- Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds

Cast your mind back to summer 2018 and this was the anthem. Every single beer garden, pub and establishment had Three Lions blasting out at every moment. This was during my first year of university, and it just reminds me of soaking the sun in various parks around Newcastle, playing football and World Cup fever- specifically going with some mates to the O2 Academy in Newcastle and watching England v Belgium in the group stages and this blasting out all the times. Although England didn’t quite make it all the way, this is a song that screams summer 2018 every time I hear it.

Rebecca Johnson

'A Night and a Day'- Pepe Deluxé

I had this song on repeat the first time I moved house for uni. It was August in the middle of a heatwave and I can't help but associate the sonic warmth of this song, the sheer retro saturation of it all, with the heat of that summer. 'A Night and a Day', like most songs from Queen of the Wave, is effortlessly busy, making for fruitful repeated listens where you could piece apart each separate instrument and sample if you wanted to — but you probably won't, because it's too fun to listen to as its ordered-chaos, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink whole. Pepe Deluxé's energy kept me going while trudging to and from B&M to buy all the essentials I had forgotten, helping me imagine it as a much greater adventure than it was.

Jess Taylor Weisser

'The Boy with the Arab Strap'- Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian are my go to sunny day band. Their music’s so bouncy and happy and catchy and their album 'The Boy With The Arab Strap' always puts a smile on my face. Whenever the government decides we aren’t all grounded any more the first thing I’ll do is go outside and sit in the sun all day, and this song will definitely be one of the first I’ll listen to.

Stanley Gilyead

'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.'- Noah and The Whale

As songs relating to summer go, Noah and the Whale's 'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.' might not seem like an obvious choice. It doesn't contain any references to summer, and it's not even the sort of upbeat song you can imagine playing loud and proud in your garden or on the beach. With this in mind, you've probably guessed that my reasons for choosing this song are a little more personal. Every summer, my parents and I like to spend a few evenings in the garden, gathered round our fire pit, having a beer and chatting about anything and everything. While we do so, we have a certain relaxing playlist that we always play in the background. For whatever reason, this is the song from that playlist that really stands out- as soon as the playlist starts, I'm reminded that I'll be hearing this song soon. So, to me, this song will always represent summer evenings spent relaxing in my garden, a drink in my hand and a smile on my face.

Em Richardson

'Champagne Supernova'- Oasis

We all have those songs that transport us back in time after one note, and for me, 'Champagne Supernova' is one of those. While I’m not the biggest Oasis fan, this song takes me back to my very first festival- an absolutely red-hot weekend in Derbyshire, spent drinking warm cans of Fosters and watching the likes of Madness and Noel Gallagher. Listening to 'Champagne Supernova' never fails to remind me of that summer, and always gives me that bit of excitement for summers to come.

Tom Hardwick

'Here it Comes Again'- Sports Team

Summer 2019. A levels were over and the looming prospect of first year was both exciting and terrifying. I had hope back then, serotonin, and it never once crossed my mind that I’d be sat here, hiding in lockdown from a global pandemic. I saw Sports Team live not long after I first encountered them, at a small-ish local festival. Frontman Alex Rice scaled the scaffolding stage-right that held the canopy and lights. It was pretty nuts. Sports Team rejuvenates in me that sort of careless post-exam energy, and 'Here It Comes Again' is 2:15 minutes of that energy distilled.

Tom Leach

'Good Thing Going'- Sugar Minott

Still keeping on this reggae train, my next pick is 'Good Thing Going'. Much like my previous choices, any song that reminds me of laying on a beach is being seriously over-played by me. This oldie but goldie takes me back to summer holidays: looking over the ocean, on my balcony, G&T in hand. For many, this song may be unfamiliar. Thus, I recommend you give it a listen to be transported to happier times!

Isabel Ellis

'Summer Deadbeat Summer'- Neon Indian

Deadbeat Summer. In the summer of 2009, just as the 2008 recession was ending, Neon Indian released their debut album. The high unemployment rate must have influenced the production since no track captures the feeling of a summer of laziness better than this glitzy, distorted bop from Psychic Chasms. I vividly remember being on the bus back from school on the last day of 10th grade, listening to this track, knowing I'd have no responsibilities for 3 beautiful months and would do nothing but chill and hang out with the boys. It was the best summer of my life, and this track was the opening theme.

Muslim Taseer

'Youth'- Glass Animals

The wonderful thing about music is how it can take you back to a certain time in your life when you were obsessed with a certain song. 'Youth' may not necessarily be explicitly a 'summer' song, but it does always make it onto my summer playlists after discovering Glass Animals a couple of years ago. The lingering vocals perfectly compliment the varying elements of this song. The guitar and rattling drums provide the bulk of the backing, but the electronic sounds, flute and other percussion make this song in my opinion. It is a great summer song as there are so many aspects of it to enjoy which give the tune an overall summer like feeling.

Phoebe Eyles

'Different'- The Academic

I went and saw this band in The Deaf Institute, Manchester in summer 2018. The chorus just reminds me of walking down sunny Oxford Road waiting for a gig when there wasn't any of the worries going on now. This song radiates positive vibes and simpler times.

Hope Lynes

'T-Shirt Weather'- Circa Waves

Coming from a seaside town, summer at the beach is what I look forward to most all year round. No song better fits being the anthem of my summer than 'T-Shirt Weather'.

I imagine playing cards on the beach, with a Kronenbourg in hand.

Playing football as my speaker blazes the summery riffs of 'T-Shirt Weather'.

"I cannot sleep while the sun's awake"- a homage to my hometown of Saltburn.

I remember T-Shirt weather.

Andrew White

'Here Comes The Sun'- The Beatles

In the summertime you can expect one thing and one thing only: lots of sun. At least you can in other countries, as England time after time suffers from a 2 second summertime before months and months of rain. This track from my favourite member of The Beatles is an all-time classic. It’s mellow acoustic guitar tone with equally laid back lyrics makes it the kinda song you wanna lay down and take in some rays to. Although nowadays we may not be able to fully take in the nice weather this season has shown, just listening to this song makes me think of all the wonderful memories I’ve had in summer, and look forward to when I’ll be able to make more!

Tom Moorcroft

'Walking on Sunshine'- Katrina and The Waves

Potentially the only Katrina and the Waves song you know, a glorious number all about unlimited joy, a fun song for fun times. Nothing is as reminiscent to the feeling of summer as the freedom of doing what you want, when you want and that is the feeling you get with this song. When listening to this song it does feel like you are walking on sunshine, and to concur with the lyrics, it does indeed feel good.

Patrick Harland

'Palco'- Gilberto Gil

For this day, I choose a super underrated, Brazilian disco-funk song from the early 80s - 'Palco' by Gilberto Gil. Other than the fact that this song was on repeat for me all of summer 2019, it has summer-y vibes to it regardless. It's just one of those songs you listen to when you sit on a beach, with the waves crashing and sun bathing you. I highly recommend this song to anyone who enjoys a nice, funky tune with good vibes.

Bonya Kleyman

'Island in the Sun'- Weezer

If the title of this track from American alt-rockers Weezer isn't enough to remind you of summer then it's laid back sound definitely will. With a sweetly simple guitar instrumental and a good mix between relaxed verses and banging chourus', it's a song you will be coming back to each time the sun comes out. Then there's those glorious harmonies which Weezer are so famous for! You'll be belting out the chorus and singing "hip-hip" with Rivers Cuomo in no time. This is truly the perfect song for summer.

Dominic Lee

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