The Courier: 30 days of music - Day 6

Get on your dancing shoes, it's day 6. Today is all about songs that make you want to boogie. The ultimate dancing tunes. 'The King of Rock n Roll' - Prefab Sprout A song which I first stumbled on while browsing an 80s playlist, this Pop/Rock anthem got me moving the second it switched on. […]

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10th April 2020
Images: Instagram (@duttypaul, @orbital, @madnessband, @prefabsproutofficial), YouTube (beegees), Wikimedia Commons (Merlin 2525)
Get on your dancing shoes, it's day 6. Today is all about songs that make you want to boogie. The ultimate dancing tunes.

'The King of Rock n Roll' - Prefab Sprout

A song which I first stumbled on while browsing an 80s playlist, this Pop/Rock anthem got me moving the second it switched on. With their lyrics equally confusing as they are intoxicating, this Newcastle based band originally created the song as an attack on songs with ‘Rock n Roll’ in the title! Prefab Sprout may be a lesser known group, but I guarantee this hidden gem is deserving of a place in your playlist!

Tom Moorcroft

'Temperature' - Sean Paul

I don't care what anyone says this is a masterpiece. This song has to make you want to dance. It used to be played all the time in a club called Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool which I used to go to a lot before uni so it brings back memories of last summer after A-Levels in that long long summer of going out and drinking. I'm not even ashamed that I know every lyric and beat even though I only listen when i'm drunk.

Hope Lynes

'The Perfect Kiss - New Order

I predict this won’t be the only New Order song on today’s list, and for good reason - they introduced a generation of mopey post-punks and indie kids to the joys of electronic and dance music. Whilst best know (and rightfully) for their single Blue Monday, they have plenty of other bangers that go less appreciated. Whilst by no means a deep cut, 'The Perfect Kiss' is once such track. With lyrics touching on regretful nights out and masturbation (we’ve all been there) some of the best guitar lines the band have produced, and frog and sheep samples, TPK is an insanely danceable and underrated from New Order.

Tom Leach

'Twist and Shout' - The Beatles

The Beatles were always going to feature somewhere in my 30 days, and what a brilliant song to come in with. The quintessential head-bopper, when listening to this song you get the irresistible urge to jump up and dance your heart out. Although technically a cover, when you hear this song you can't help but think John, Paul, George and Ringo. A timeless classic that was a hit whenever they played it, normally to close out their concerts.

Patrick Harland

'Paper Planes' - M.I.A

Everyone’s got that one song that always gets them going. Whether I’m at pre-drinks and still feeling hungover from the night before, or sat in my room feeling desperately sad about something, this song never fails to perk me up. Before the funky intro beat even ends, I’m up on my feet, smile on my face, and ready for a 3-minute-long dance routine. Nobody can resist this song, and when that chorus comes, everyone does the same classic moves to the same classic lines. We all love some synchronised dancing- year 6 disco vibes anyone? Both the backing track and the lyrics are super fun and uplifting, adding to why every second of this song is joyous.

Aimee Seddon

'Bright Side of the Road' - Van Morrison

This is another song that just makes me smile! I love its jazzy beat, typical of a Van Morrison tune, and its happy tone just makes me want to dance around. Lyrics-wise, this song is all about nothing, but that just makes me enjoy it even more- it's nothing less than a jazzy, joyful little number. There are no deep meanings or messages, just a few moments of light relief.

Em Richardson

'54-46 Was My Number' - Toots and the Maytals

I don’t think it’s humanly possible not to bop along whenever Toots and the Maytals comes on. Once their chilled out ska beats kick in even the most dance averse person in the world would find it impossible not to at least sway along. I’ve picked '54-46 Was My Number' as my song because I like to imagine that they wrote it as an unnecessarily elaborate way to remember their PIN code.

Stanley Gilyead

'You Should be Dancing' - The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees had to feature somewhere, and 'You Should Be Dancing' is an utter classic. The Gibb brothers smash it out of the park, the funky bass lines and guitar riffs combined with Barry Gibb’s iconic falsetto voice make it one of the best-known Bee Gees songs around. It became a disco classic and features in the film Saturday Night Fever- which is well worth a watch during lockdown.

Rebecca Johnson

'One Step Beyond' - Madness

'One Step Beyond' is a staple of family parties, the kind of song that my relatives just can’t seem to resist dancing to, and although I’m far from a dancer myself, it’s hard to blame them. The famous intro is perfect at building the anticipation, and then when that saxophone starts and the infectious rhythm kicks in, people are already on their feet. This song seems to have unlocked the secret to getting people moving, and if you can listen along without so much as tapping a foot, then I’ll be very impressed.

Tom Hardwick

'L'Amour Toujours'- Gigi D'Agostino

'L'Amour Toujours' is a 2000 dance track by Italian DJ Gigi D'Agostino and is quintessential tacky house music. However, there's just something about it that just makes you want to bop along. There's a huge list of songs I'd rather dance to, but no song gives me the uncontrollable urge to get up and dance like this one does. There's just something about it. You may have recently heard it in the ending credits for the Safdie Brother's Uncut Gems, where it perfectly defuses the severe tension of the film right at the end. Beautiful track.

Muslim Taseer

'Chelsea Dagger'- The Fratellis

'Chelsea Dagger' is by far the best dance song that has ever graced this earth. This song reminds me of Year 10 house parties and big family gatherings. No matter what age, gender or music preference, when you hear that first drum beat, everyone’s racing to the dance floor. I would not be surprised if this opinion is shared by my fellow writers, as this is truly a song that gets each and everyone of us dancing on a Flares night-out in The Toon.

Isabel Ellis

'Life is a Game of Changing (Orbital Remix)'- DMA'S

This remix of DMA'S most recent single 'Life is a Game of Changing' by UK House legends Orbital is one song I just can't stop playing. A perfect mix between energetic drum sounds and Tommy O'Dell's beautiful choruses, this remix captures the best of the 90's rave scene. So, grab your bucket hat and slip into your Air Maxes. You'll be dancing the night away to this one!

Dominic Lee

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