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Max Hobbs
19th November 2018
Credit: youtube

Tribute by Tenacious D was the anthem of my childhood. It’s a really great bit of rock music and one that brought Tenacious D into the mainstream. And yet, what really makes this track exceptional is the music video. We see Jack Black and Kyle Gass rummaging around a novelty recording booth in a shopping mall, guitars in hand, before they are suddenly transported to the desert. Whilst walking, they encounter Satan (played by Dave Grohl) and have a guitar solo duel to the death. So there you go.

- Max Hobbs


My favourite music video would have to be New Rules by Dua Lipa. Less of a throwback and more of a modern sensation. I think this video is incredible and while acted out by an all-girl cast, it is a video with which everyone can connect.
Though, I don’t confess to be a religious Dua Lipa follower, and am not much impressed by her recent single releases I cannot get away from the sheer craftsmanship of the video. The aesthetics are as polished as those of a Korean band’s releases while also effectively pertaining to the meaning of the song, which quite a few music videos are guilty of not doing. Absolutely love; if you haven’t watched already I urge you to go watch it.

- Rory Ellis


The music video really is one of those happy accidents of history. Whilst they might have originated simply as a means to sell a given record, they have evolved into something of an artform in their own right. Some are polished and clever whilst others are powerful and emotive. And then there’s the likes of Red Fang’s ‘Prehistoric Dog’ which are just funny.

As far as music videos go, ‘Prehistoric Dog’ is precisely the sort of thing you’d expect four hairy, beer guzzling lads from Oregon to make. To surmise, the band does battle with an unfortunate group of LARPers with weapons and armour crafted from beer cans. As far as the music itself is concerned, ‘Prehistoric Dog’ is a competently crafted heavy metal song with plenty of memorable riffs but it’s the video that completes the experience. It’s a daft, low-brow affair that the band seems to utterly relish in.

- Gerry Hart


The K-POP industry is known for their lavish and extravagant music videos, and one group who is particularly popular in the industry is BTS. They have created many amazing music videos throughout their 5-year career, and it is speculated that through their songs and music videos BTS is creating an ongoing narrative. Many fans have made theories to try and put the pieces together to discover the hidden story.

One particular music video that I like is for one of their title tracks, ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’, from their album Wings. The music video is mainly set in an art museum, which creates a very surreal aesthetic. It has been said that the concept of the music video is based on the story of the fallen angels and temptation. The video even includes a clip of the famous painting, The Fall of the Rebel Angels, by Pieter Bruegel. The group includes their dance routine for the song in the video and showcase a bold sense of fashion which works well with the video’s aesthetic. The multiple elaborate scenes along with the impressive visual effects help to unfold the story of the music video, and capture a very beautiful piece of work

- Nimra Rafique


This one was way ahead of its time. But then again, when isn’t Beyoncé way ahead of the times? ‘If I Were A Boy’ features the singer imagining just that; showing all the things she would do if she were a man. The premise is that she flirts with lots of people, making her lover see that a woman’s biggest fear in a relationship is her lover being unfaithful.

Naturally it received reactions from certain men stating that ‘not all men are like that’ and ‘this is why we don’t need feminism’ – but hey, some things never change. They were missing the point. What we see here is a feminist take on the fears of society, beautifully shot in black and white. Yes, Beyoncé can be that deep.

- Susanne Norris


For me, a favourite music video will always lie within the Gaga hall of fame. Although I don’t classify myself as a “little monster”, I definitely have a place in my heart for her completely bonkers videography. Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic and insane music videos from 2010 has to be ‘Telephone’.

If it’s not the insane McQueen-esque outfits, or the bizarre choreography, or even the feature of Beyoncé Knowles, it will definitely be the twisted criminal narrative which makes this video stick in anyone’s mind 8 years later. I remember being hypnotised every time 4 Music streamed it. Whilst I really have no idea why 14-year-old me was completely captivated by team Gaga/Knowles committing mass homicide… I know that it was their “girl-power” and “untouchable” attitudes, avant-garde fashions and semi-ridiculous dance scenes which still make it my favourite today. Love you Gaga x

- Laura Buckle


The success of the music video for Avril Lavigne’s 2007 hit single ‘Girlfriend’ can be accredited to three simple things; the combination of High School Musical style choreography in the bathroom with slap-stick bumper car battles and the imparting of important life lessons in how to steal yourself a boyfriend.

Whilst there were a lot of other great songs and videos at the time, this one will always be my favourite because it’s just so ridiculous. The video connects perfectly to the lyrics of the song and Lavigne’s slightly punky sound. When I first watched the video, age 11, the immediate comic value of Avril hitting herself in the head with a golf ball got a laugh every time I would watch it on repeat- daily. Now that I am the same age as Avril in the video, I can still relate to the slap stick comedy and admire her ability to make fun of herself.

- Miranda Stoner


Not only is this an absolute primary school disco banger, but the video for ‘Rockstar’ is also one of my favourites. Back in the day when 4Music was the channel to watch on a Friday afternoon, I’d sit and watch the UK Top 40 from start to finish and throughout the summer of 2006 this song reigned in the top spot with its catchy lyrics and distinctive video.

The video takes you around the world, getting fans and celebrities alike from every background to sing along to this anthem, ending very appropriately on one of Nickleback’s many sold out performances. It’s a good one for showing off all of their many famous friends, like Nelly Furtado, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Rock just to name a few. It sounds like a simple concept, but it’s very watchable and goes with the song very well because at the end of the day, we ALL just wanna be big rockstars.

- Ally Wilson


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