The Courteeners: More. Again. Forever

Jen Humphreys reviews the latest album from The Courteeners.

Jen Humphreys
7th February 2020
Courteeners fans have been waiting for what feels like forever for the bands new album and finally it has arrived. More. Again. Forever. has been in the works for almost 2 years, with front man, Liam Fray, pushing it back repeatedly as he deemed it not ready. But the wait was undeniably worth it.

The album is modelled off an LP style with big songs kicking off what is supposed to be each side, 'Heart Attack' and 'Previous Parties' are what makes Courteeners: big tunes for the fans to go mental to at gigs. 'Previous Parties', Fray says, was a lead on from 2016’s 'De La Salle' as the fans seemed to connect with the many references within it, taking that mellow song and boosting it to create something special live.

The lead track 'More. Again. Forever.' has taken an experimental direction for the band, with a dance baseline and spoken word. The track is almost an immersive experience in which you’re thrown into this bar scene, as if you’re walking round and can see exactly the guys and girl’s he’s talking about. Many fans have said that it has been the track which had to grow on them the most and with the different direction it’s understandable. But get past the change in style and this easily becomes one of the best tracks on the album.

It wouldn’t be a Courteeners album without a slower, lyrically beautiful couple of tracks. 'Hanging Off Your Cloud' was the final single released before the album and holds some of the best lyrics the band have produced. We all know what it’s like to see an old flame’s name show up ‘in OLED’ and Fray sums up these feelings perfectly. With the return of the strings and the stripped back piano, Fray has hit the mark for fans once again. The song creates a huge nostalgic feel for any listener and personally is the best song they’ve written in a long time.

This album is a gorgeous return to new music for the band. From the array of styles to the artwork to the acoustic releases, this album is up there with St Jude and Falcon.

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