The Crown


28th November 2016

This drama-filled biopic focuses on the reign of our Queen Elizabeth II. The series transports viewers to 1947 and follows the Queen’s early and unexpected rise to the throne. A young Queen Elizabeth II addresses the task of leading Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth during a time of political turmoil after the passing of her Father, King George VI. 

The historically accurate series provides an insight into the private life of the royal family. Actress Claire Foy undertakes the main role opposite Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, who plays Prince Phillip. Both provide solid performances. Their romantic relationship is both charming and challenging at times, as the Queen attempts to balance family life alongside her duties. Meanwhile, American John Lithgow depicts the troubles of the post war and victorious Prime Minster Winston Churchill.

The realistic and extravagant sets invite viewers to join the narrative in notable places such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and 10 Downing Street. Equally, the impressive costumes are perfectly appropriate for the era. The luxurious feel matches the immense production budget, embodying a sense of royalty in itself.

The show is an essential for fans of ITV’s recent series, Victoria, which concentrated on the life of Queen Elizabeth’s great-great Grandmother. The Crown is also ideal for fans of the nostalgic period drama Downton Abbey. With a second series confirmed, the triumphant show promises to illustrate the Queen’s life up until the present day. Until then, the 10 part series is available to watch instantly on Netflix.

Sarah Aston

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