@The Daily Mail: Universities will Remain as they are

Proud 'Remoaner' Errol Kerr addresses the Daily Mail

Errol Kerr
6th November 2017
'Remoaner' universities are slammed by the Daily Mail | Image: Flickr

Hi, The Daily Mail. It' me! Errol! And I'm a filthy remainer! You and I are gonna get on just fine. So, your recent front page, yeah? 'Our Remainer Universities'. I've got a few notes I'd like to add.

Firstly... uh, of course they are. Brexit votes showed that people above graduate level were more likely to vote Remain than Leave. In fact, I'm pretty sure that areas with universities, and thus higher numbers of people with degrees or in study at higher education, were kind of hotspots for Remain votes across the country. That's both students and staff by the way. In fact, The Independent “who I imagine you aren't fans of“ found a study by Leicester Uni stating that better provision of Higher Education may have changed the vote result.

Secondly, there's this thing called 'Funding'. I don't know if you've heard of it but, basically to do things like science and research and study, you need money and that doesn't grow on trees. Theresa May told us all that. So, it has to come from somewhere. You know where is really good for providing funding? You guessed it, the EU. In the past five years we've contributed £5.4bn to the EU's research budget, and out of that we've received £8.8bn back, solely for research. Nothing else - we're getting more science for our money here. These numbers come from the Royal Society, you know, that huge group of researchers. That huge sum of money is literally so that academics can pursue knowledge.

I mean, maybe you don't want that. Maybe you don't want the UK to pursue knowledge. I can't exactly comment in detail on your rhetoric as I don't really read your paper but suffice to say, doesn't seem like expertise is your thing. This isn't about open-mindedness and it never has been. PhDs have been refused and people can't do their jobs because of this.

But don't post it like it's shameful to have a viewpoint. Don't write about wanting to stay part of the EU like it's heretical. As much as you might not like it, a large and educated group don't subscribe to your viewpoint and that's ok. Not only that, but whilst they're in education, they're responsible for telling the truth about things. I'm starting to see the brush of history painting Brexit in an unfaithful light already and you guys know you're not helping that, right?



P.e you realise the irony in talking about open-mindedness when it comes to the EU debate and how much anti-immigration and anti-freedom rhetoric you have been churning out since basically the Nazis.

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