The Death of Personal Style

Whatever happened to personal creativity in fashion?

Samantha Seidu
9th May 2022
Image: Instagram @haileybieber
The fashion industry is constantly evolving every season with new trends coming in as quickly as they leave. With the rapidly changing industry, we must find our own personal style and make fashion work for us.

We try to fully adhere to trends and dress similarly to our favourite influencers, rather than dressing like ourselves!

As we grow, our personal style changes along with us as we learn to express ourselves in different ways; our surrounding environment, the people we hang out with and the things we enjoy can all play a part in how we like to dress. Social media and the rise of influencer culture has given us more exposure to different styles and trends than ever before, which is a good thing, however, it has its downsides too. Nowadays, we try to fully adhere to trends and dress similarly to our favourite influencers and celebrities, rather than dressing like ourselves! So, can we really say that personal style is beginning to die and if so, can we resurrect it?

Image: Instagram @olivianeill

Before we can answer this question, we need to understand what one’s ‘personal style’ is and what it means to an individual. Simply put, a personal style is a form of self expression through aesthetic choices; this can include clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, etc. As it states in the name, someone's personal style is personal to them and can be a great way to showcase the kind of person they are. Knowing this, why should we assume that personal style is starting to die? As mentioned before, social media and influencer culture have a hand.

Image: Instagram @matildadjerf

There is an endless loop of shortening trend cycles, and a need to follow them

Social media has proven to be incredibly useful when it comes to finding different styles, especially when they are trending. Influencers have also been helpful in the sense that they give people some direction when it comes to styling certain fashion items or accessories. The problem with both is that what they show fully depends on what users interact with. All it typically takes is one or two influencers to start a trend that people begin to follow, social media platforms then push forward these trends as this is what people might want to see. This creates an endless loop of shortening trend cycles and a need to follow them. What makes this worse is that once a trend cycle ends, we are left with a heap of clothes that may not be worn again.

Image: Instagram @selfidentityuk

In a sense, fashion trends can be quite restrictive, and to a certain extent not very inclusive but that isn't to say that we can’t make it work for us. If we take the ‘neutral tones’ trend that has come back into fashion, it serves as an example of a restrictive trend that can still be personalised. Whilst the point of this trend is to use neutral and earthy colours, we can still play with the style with different pattern sets and fun accessories. Though fashion trends can be difficult to follow and expensive to conform to, we can take aspects to incorporate into our own personal style and this is how we can resurrect it.

You don't have to stick to one aesthetic, use as many or as little as you want

The key is to filter out the parts of trends you will want to use in your style and eliminate those that you won’t. Play about with different colour schemes, different clothing styles and shoes. Separate co-ord sets if necessary since they can both serve as great parts of a separate outfit. You don’t have to stick to one aesthetic either, use as many or as little as you want. Your personal style is personal to you, it will be the first thing others see on you and we can learn a lot about you without a conversation, so use trends, influencers and social media as a source of inspiration to find your style. Though it can be a long process, once you find a style that suits you, there will be no need to follow new trends when they appear.

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