The fashion in The Queen's Gambit deserves a crown

Rachael McCreanor discuss the fashion choices that were so good, they'd probably get a genuine compliment from Regina George

Rachael McCreanor
18th March 2021
Credit: IMDb, Netflix
Perhaps one of the most stylish TV shows of recent years, The Queen’s Gambit’s iconic 1960s fashion provides our protagonist, Beth Harmon, with an aesthetically stunning wardrobe whilst simultaneously acting as a vehicle to explore her own journey towards independence.

The development in Beth’s fashion runs adjacent to her developing confidence and her growing proficiency in chess – not only does Beth’s wardrobe symbolise the passage of time, but also her growth as an individual.

Beth cultivates her timeless wardrobe with a selection of stylish 1960s pieces

Beth’s personal style really comes into its own after she begins to find success, her wardrobe transforms from drab, bland pieces in various shades of brown and grey, to chic A-line dresses, cropped cardigans and even a few capri trousers.

As both the series and her character development progress, Beth cultivates her timeless wardrobe with a selection of stylish 1960s pieces, primarily consisting of jewel tones, monochrome, and a great deal of checked patterns – an explicit reference to the game that takes over her life.

The wardrobe developed with the character of Beth. Credit: IMDb.

One of my personal favourite pieces is the checked, low-cut A-line dress she wears in one of the earliest episodes, paired with a white collared shirt. The first new outfit Beth purchases at the beginning of her competitive chess career, not only is this look absolutely gorgeous, but it also symbolises her first taste of independence and the success that awaits her.  

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AUTHOR: Rachael McCreanor
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