The future is the past: the brand I'm loving in 2020

Iona Lowe considers the future of fashion and why it should include bringing back the past through vintage fashion brand Beyond Retro

Iona Lowe
29th March 2020
Image Source: @beyondretro on Instagram

The student – often wearing flares, usually in a big puffa jacket, or faux fur coat. Doc marten style shoes often also part of the mix. As I walk around the town it is not hard to spot the students of Newcastle University.

However with the daily life of lecture attendance comes the fatal problem of what one must do when one inevitably decides their wardrobe has become too basic, and the savings pot is looking a little too large. 

I personally try and avoid shopping at high street brands, simply because their convenience results in your lovely new trousers being worn but an army of others, and in our modern age individuality is key. I, therefore, turned to ‘beyond retro’ and my love of the moment. A perhaps less known brand, stocking vintage-styled clothing, a perfect fit for the ever backtracking fashion style Today. 

The brand offers a range offers a selection of different eras, such as the 70s, 80s and 90s, all with affordable clothing tailored to this particular era. So whether your feeling flares or vintage dresses there is something for everyone’s different style and taste bud’s. 

While the brand may not be Primark cheap, it is certainly priced reasonable for the items on sale, another reason to love their brand, as one thing I have found with the high street shops is their ability to increase their prices without people taking much notice. 

Another element of the brand I find particularly noteworthy is the individuality that comes with purchasing any one of their garments, people around campus seem to rarely clash with any of the clothes I have brought from there over recent months. Something increasing hard to find as many people flock the shops for the sales currently on!

The brand also has such a range of clothing, and while it is an online shop is really is tailored to everyone’s needs, whether you're looking for a cosy jumper, or a top to hit the toon with!

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