The Good, The Bad and The Eggly: Easter Edition

Since Easter's coming up, Zoe Godden takes a look at the best, worst and ugliest films featuring egg-laying avians.

7th March 2016

The Good: Chicken Run (2000)

Aardman’s first feature length film, Chicken Run deviated from Nick Park’s beloved Wallace and Gromit franchise to create a feather-fuelled parody of classic British wartime epics, to great critical and commercial success.

If you can get over some clichéd elements, the anthropomorphic poultry of the terrifying Mrs. Tweedy’s farm prove to be far more heartwarming than the pies they’re destined to become. With sharp humour and impressive animation, it was rightfully the highest grossing stop-motion film for some time. Also, Mel Gibson is a rooster, and that alone makes it a cracking way to spend your Easter Sunday.

The Bad: The Birds (1963)

No longer satisfied with stealing your cone of chips, the seagulls and crows of this Hitchcock ‘disaster’ flick have developed a taste for human flesh.

In a tale of man vs. nature, it’s one of the Master of Suspense’s more infamous offerings, with notable behind-the-scenes drama and a dodgy green screen to boot. The film treats its source material so seriously that it enters the realm of self-parody, rehashing characters from Psycho and attempting to frighten us by sticking Tippi Hedren in various claustrophobic spaces, all whilst she won’t stop screaming. Forget Birdemic, this is the quintessential so-bad-it’s-good avian apocalypse.

The Ugly: Howard the Duck (1986)

Remember the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy? You know, the one with the giant duck drinking a cocktail? Yep, that abomination was actually the star of the first Marvel film to have a theatrical release, and it’s just as awful as you’d expect.

Taking what was originally a tongue-in-cheek cult comic that celebrated surrealism and film noir, Lucasfilm instead gave us an abysmal plot (seriously, he joins a band), an uncomfortable ‘romance’, and out-of-place adult humour – no less than five minutes in, and Howard’s reading Playduck and looking at plastic breasted waterfowl. Best take this one to the chopping block.

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