The Great British Bake Off predictions: Star baker or no flavour?

Our writers predict the future of the Bake Off 2020 tent

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6th October 2020
Credit: The Great British Bake Off on Youtube
We're starting to get to that crucial stage of The Great British Bake Off where we start to establish our favourites (and least favourites) in the tent. Our writers respond to the latest season by making their predictions of who will make it to the final three, and who won't make it past the third week.

Front Runners

Peter- Despite being this year's youngest contestant, Peter has had a strong start to the competition, earning star baker in the first week as well as showing excellent skills in his Haggis themed biscuit week showstopper.

I’d love to watch her attempting to politely tell Noel to f**k off and let her bake every week

Lottie was shocked by the iconic handshake.
Credit: The Great British Bake Off on Youtube

Lottie- As the first recipient of the coveted Paul Hollywood Handshake, Lottie has set herself ahead of the pack. Her attention to detail and flair for flavours will serve her well in the coming weeks, but she’ll need to work on getting her timings under control if she wants to come out on top. Also, I’d love to watch her attempting to politely tell Noel to f**k off and let her bake every week.

Dave- After a somewhat forgettable cake week, Dave rose to the top in his second week with an exceptional biscuit showstopper. And, if his Instagram is anything to go by, he seems to have the skills to make a strong showing in the all-important bread week.

Middle of the pack

Marc- Although his most memorable moment thus far has been his rather, um, interesting interpretation of David Bowie in bust form, Marc had a decent showing week 2, and his skills as a sculptor should serve him well in upcoming challenges.

The 'Starman' certainly didn't win Star Baker.
Credit: The Great British Bake Off on Youtube

Sura- Most memorable for accidentally wrecking Dave’s technical in week one (and that clip of her walking a cat on a leash), only time will tell if Sura’s baking abilities are up to par.

Laura- Laura has never really been near the bottom, but I’m also struggling to recall any particularly good bakes of hers.

Mark (not Marc)- Seems like a nice lad. Honestly, I can’t remember much about his baking, but a quick glance at the Bake-Off wiki shows a couple of good results in the technical challenge.


Rowan having a cup of tea mid-baking-breakdown.
Credit: Channel 4 on Youtube.

Hermine- After a heartfelt, but appalling, tribute to Lupita Nyong'o in her first showstopper, Hermine seemed in danger of leaving the tent early on.  Although her quip that she “didn’t know Noel did comedy” was TV gold, another weak performance in biscuits means she’s a favourite to go home next week.

He may be the best character to enter the tent this, or any, season

Linda- Though she fared pretty well with biscuits Linda has hardly had a flying start, and was nearly sent home in the first week. Plus, she seems like she’ll be filling the Bake-Off staple role of “nice older lady who falls apart in bread week or pastries.”

Rowan- Oh, Rowan. With his incredibly flamboyant waistcoats and eternally nonplussed attitude, he may be the best character to enter the tent this, or any, season. However, his apparent inability to finish his elaborate bakes on time does not bode well for his future in this competition.

Needs to go immediately

Matt Lucas. In attempting to replace the eternally charming, clever, and kind-hearted Sandi Toskvig, the producers have apparently decided to choose someone with none of those qualities. While the staggering number of complaints drawn by Lucas’s Boris Johnson sketch preceding the first episode may have drawn headlines, the real takeaway here is that the sense of humour showcased on Little Britain does not fit in the Bake-Off tent.

Credit: Channel 4 on Youtube.

Laramie Hevland

Front runners

Will Dave win GBBO 2020?
Credit: Channel 4 on Youtube.

It’s week 2 and I already have my favourites. The top three are absolutely going to be Peter, Sura and Dave they actually have so much talent. I’d be so happy if any of them won, especially Dave after how heartbroken the poor guy looked when his pineapple upside-down cakes got knocked

Odds are Rowan will be a week 6 elimination; he’s got talent but way too much vision

Soon to be eliminated

Linda, as sweet as that woman is, is absolutely not making it past week 4. I wish she would, but there are just so many better bakers in that tent. Even Rowan is baking better at this point, and he can’t even seem to understand what simplicity is. Odds are Rowan will be a week 6 elimination; he’s got talent but way too much vision.

Overall verdict

Credit: The Great British Bake Off on Youtube.

The average bakers like Laura and Hermoine are just going to gradually slip away between weeks 3 and 5 as the competition gets more intense. Lottie, for me, is a bit of a wild card because she has the same disorganised yet successful vibes of 2016 winner Candice. Ultimately, though, I’m predicting that Sura will win.

Caitie Woolridge

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