The Identity of the Next Doctor has Been Revealed

Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa is the 14th Doctor.

George Bell
16th May 2022
Image credit: Jonas Leupe - Unsplash
As debates are rampant about who the new James Bond will be, it looks like we may finally have an answer…for who the next doctor will be.

In a surprise announcement, the identity of the next iteration of the time travelling time lord has been announced, and it is no one you would expect, it is hard to argue with how great the casting is. The next doctor will be Sex Education’s (2019-) very own Ncuti Gatwa!

As the first black man to play the lead in Doctor Who, the future of Doctor Who looks to be promising with Gatwa holding the sonic screwdriver, especially after a somewhat disappointing run with Jodie Whittaker. 

Add into the mix the return of Russell T Davies as showrunner from the 60th anniversary in 2023, it looks as if we are on the road to an epic revival of the Sci-Fi classic. 

We won’t know what Gatwa will bring to the role of The Doctor until the conclusion of Whittaker’s run, but given his already iconic status as Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex Education, whatever it is, it is certainly going to deliver. Hype and opinions are already buzzing around the 29-year-old actor, with him being shone under the spotlight at the BAFTA’s TV awards following the announcement and comments made by host Richard Ayoade.

Sex Education co-stars Emma Mackie and Gillian Anderson tweeted “My Doctor”  and “Congratulations to this ray of sunshine” in relation to the news, sentiments many, including myself, are already agreeing with. Given the evidence as a talented actor and the nominations and awards he has received, Gatwa is sure to deliver an interesting interpretation of one of TV's most iconic roles.

Ncuti Gatwa should hopefully be entering the TARDIS in 2023.

Furthermore, with Gatwa's character Eric being gay, and Russell T Davies' superb show, It’s a Sin (2021), it may finally be time for a truly queer interpretation from The Doctor rather than rampant queer bating.

Little more is known, but already that is enough to get people excited for the future of Doctor Who after a notable decline in popularity in recent years.

Ncuti Gatwa should hopefully be entering the TARDIS in 2023.

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