The Infamous Christmas Jumper…

Now that we are entering December, let's take a look at a staple of festivity, the Christmas jumper!

Imogen Clarke
6th December 2021
Image: Instagram: @bigwildthought

I’ve seen some poor Christmas jumpers in my time. But when did they become so popular? Well, the argyle Christmas jumper was mainly worn by affluent skiers in the 20th century. But the gaudier Christmas jumpers were re-popularised in the 80s and 90s by television personalities. Christmas themed clothing, from pyjamas to socks, are a relatively recent trend. However, with shops like Primark releasing new Christmas items every year, are we promoting a throw-away-fashion culture by buying them? However maybe purchasing one Christmas jumper for example, and wearing it every year, isn’t so bad. So, in the spirit of being sustainable, and trying to get in on the Christmas fun, I present some of my Christmas jumper picks.

Image: Instagram: @thesundayfeeling

This red argyle Christmas jumper from Asda of all places is certainly cute. But if you’re into something slightly more understated, try “Big Wild Thought”. Buying one of their embroidered animal-themed Christmas jumpers helps wildlife charities (they donate 10% of each sale!) And, their minimal design means you can even wear them all year round, or at least throughout the winter season!

Image: Instagram @bigwildthought

For some people, Christmas jumpers should be “the uglier the better”

However, for some people, Christmas jumpers should be “the uglier the better”. Eating your body weight and wearing an ugly jumper is what Christmas is all about, right? So, I’ve also found some truly ugly ones to showcase. Almost a “what not to wear”…

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