The Joy of 'Little Treats' and My Personal Favourites

One of our writers stresses the importance of self-indulgence

Martha Lewis
4th December 2023
Image credit: Pixabay @Engin_Akyurt
It seems as if the phrase ‘little treat’ or ‘silly little treat’ has been populating our recent feeds and reels. Whilst a byproduct of meme and wellness culture combined, I think the saying can and should be taken somewhat seriously as a reminder that ‘little treats’ and incremental acts of self-care are in fact fundamental for our well-being, rather than frivolous or self-indulgent. The days are growing shorter and the term is nearing its end, causing lower energy and motivation for many, so I would argue there's no better time to treat oneself. Here are some ideas and starting points for those craving a little self-care.

A walk and a warm beverage

Temperatures have dipped but I still find it rewarding to embark on a bracing walk and then cosy up somewhere warm afterwards to enjoy a restorative drink or meal. It can be really nice for a change to do this alone for some headspace, and find a good cafe to read a new book or magazine, or merely people watch in. Now that Christmas markets are up and running, a festive hot chocolate may be in order.

Having an evening of self care/skincare

Sometimes an evening in is preferable to going out. Setting aside the time to look after one’s appearance or body is often not a matter of vanity but can help foster a sense of well-being. If I’m feeling especially fancy I’ll take myself to Boots or Superdrug to grab an eye or face mask, then I'll paint my nails, light a candle, with some music on in the background. I find it helps to calm my senses and appreciate smaller moments.

I find it helps to calm my senses and appreciate smaller moments

Spending a little more on a nutritious meal or fresh ingredients

A ‘little treat’ doesn't have to come prepackaged, it can be something you make (or cook!) for yourself. Arguably I would say this is more rewarding than spending lots of money eating out. Perhaps pop to Grainger Market for some fresh veg to sub for something frozen, or use the TooGoodToGo app to grab a deal from one of Newcastle’s many eateries. You can find delicious and cheap options from places such as Pret, Zapatista, and Island Poke.

Book a particular exercise class

Many students may have gym memberships, are part of sports societies, or be avid runners, but making one’s workout an enjoyable event as opposed to a drudgery is something I find refreshing. So, instead of doing yoga in my room, I may book a yoga or pilates class (which can be done cheaply if affiliated with societies, bear in mind), or a strength training session more tailored to my interests. I truly believe the mental and physical rewards of movement are greater felt when said exercise becomes more of an intentional practice. 

making one’s workout an enjoyable event as opposed to a drudgery is something I find refreshing

These are merely a few points of inspiration, but hopefully ones which demonstrate how treating oneself is often most cherished when done in a small but considered way that can be achievable with schedule and budget in mind. Perhaps try some of these suggestions the following week, and see what a change they have the potential to make!

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