The land of lakes and castles: Slovenia

Maria Olender reflects on the storybook scenery of Slovenia and its beautiful lakes and castles.

Maria Olender
5th May 2020
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Let’s go back a few months, back when we all were still travelling or planning our travels, not worried about a pandemic or lockdown. I, for instance, decided to finish my 2019 holidays with a little trip to Slovenia. This country was never on my ‘travel list’ but having seen it, I encourage you to put it on yours!

Slovenia is a beautiful country. It reminds me a little bit of my home country Poland, but also of Italy and Austria. It’s a mixture you don’t expect but are positively surprised by. I started my trip with two days in Ljubljana, the capital and the biggest city in Slovenia. Ljubljana is a beautiful city filled with history, antique buildings and so many colours! I wondered around the old town, Central Market, saw Perseren Square, took a walk along the river Ljubljanica Kanal and visited the Ljubljana Castle.

Old City from the climb to Ljubljana Castle
River Ljubljanica Kanal

I meet a lot of people in Ljubljana and one girl told me about Bled Lake, which is situated close to the city and is accessible via a bus. So, on my third day, I took the bus to the mysterious lake. The lake is gorgeous! It has a little island in the middle that can be seen from a peak that you can climb if you want to. I decided to skip the climb and chill, sunbathe and swim in the lake.

Bled Lake

I spent my fourth day in Trieste, Italy, which you can get to from Ljubljana. After a day in Trieste, I took a bus to Koper - a little picturesque historical town by the Mediterranean Sea.

Koper, the town centre

Koper is smaller than Ljubljana but still has a lot to offer. I took a walk along the sea, and around the old town. Koper will stay in my mind as a little, calm and beautiful city.

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