The Launch of Guide Beauty

Eugenia Lo tells us about new ergonomic make-up brand, Guide Beauty, and how the industry is becoming more accessible for people with disabilities.

Eugenia Lo
15th March 2020

Lately, the beauty industry is becoming more inclusive for people with disabilities and there are already a handful of disability-friendly beauty brands available in the market. The recent launch of Guide Beauty took a further step in making the industry more accessible, and they are kick-starting by debuting three products: a gel eyeliner duo, a mascara and an eyebrow gel, aiming to make the application of makeup an enjoyable process for users.

This revolutionary brand was created by makeup artist and beauty educator Terri Bryant. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 5 years ago, which is a nervous system disorder resulting in tremors and loss of balance. These symptoms clearly had a direct impact on Bryant's career, since she might be unable to put on makeup due to her shaky hands. Bryant did feel frustrated in the beginning when she first received her diagnosis, but then she began to rethink how makeup tools can be made ergonomically and that’s how she created her brand, Guide Beauty.

It has a bendy plastic hook which provides greater stability for users who have shaky hands, and is suitable for people who are less confident in applying a perfect eyeliner.

The brand offers a fresh approach to makeup, by introducing three innovative products to the market. The most featured product must be the Guide Beauty Eyeliner Duo ($50, at Guide Beauty) with the set containing a waterproof potted gel eyeliner and 2 replacement precision tip applicators. The tip applicator is called GUIDE WAND and it really caught my attention as it is so different from other eyeliner tools. It has a bendy plastic hook which provides greater stability for users who have shaky hands, and is suitable for people who are less confident in applying a perfect eyeliner. There are also video tutorials and photo illustrations on their website so everyone can follow the steps to create different eyeliner looks.

The other product: Lash Wrap ($26, at Guide Beauty) features a comfortable-grip applicator that steadies your hand, making it easy to control and hold. To use the Lash Wrap, simply place the GUIDE RING between your index and ring fingers to steady the applicator then simply swipe the mascara onto lashes to build up a desirable volume and length.

Lastly, Brow Moment ($26, at Guide Beauty) is a 3 in 1 brow gel that fills, shapes and sets your brows without the need to touch up throughout the day. It comes with a choice shades for different hair tones so you can choose the one that fits you the most, giving your brows a neater and more finished appearance.

Guide Beauty is not just a makeup brand, but also recreating the idea of how makeup tools should work to satisfy most of the users including those who have disabilities. More importantly, all of their products are vegan certified and cruelty-free, which is far more ethical for everyone.

Since the brand is still starting up,  I am looking forward to see their expansion of makeup tools, such as brushes and lip products and how they will bring something exciting to the beauty industry very soon.

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