The meaning behind my tattoos!

Why do we get tattoos? Do they need to have a meaning?

Jay Barber
1st November 2022
Image Credits: Takmeomeo, Pixabay
Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. Over the course of human history, people have decorated their bodies with ink for countless reasons. While I’m not a great believer that tattoos have to have meaning to be worthwhile, a tattoo with a story behind it is a unique look into what a person cares about.

Two of my tattoos are about as nerdy as possible. The little twenty-sided die was my first tattoo, inspired by years of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Above it is another D&D tattoo by @watsonsith, specifically inspired by the podcast The Adventure Zone. The story helped me through a huge part of my teens and inspired my love of fantasy and storytelling. The tattoo itself is beautiful and I love what it stands for – even if nobody gets the reference.

The tattoo itself is beautiful and I love what it stands for – even if nobody gets the reference

My most recent tattoo was done by @bro.hornsby at Evergreen Tattoo Studio here in Newcastle. The little stick-and-poke orange slice is in honour of the poem The Orange by Wendy Cope. The poem is an ode to the little moments of joy in life and the people who make them worthwhile. The final line, “I love you. I’m glad I exist.” has stuck with me since the first time I read it, a reminder that the love we have for others is enough to keep us going, even when times are hard. The little tribute on my ankle keeps that sentiment with me, wherever I go.

To me, tattoos are a tapestry of what a person values and wants to show to the world. Even if the meanings behind your tattoos are silly, or if there’s no meaning at all, I think it's always worth it to customise your body how you want. It makes life that bit more fun.

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