The Meta-Narrative of Cole Jackson Part Three

Written by Kitty Marie

16th May 2016

Catherine sighed as she looked at her watch, the hands turned and she wondered how long she had been sitting there. Waiting. Waiting for the elusive, intriguing Cole Jackson to return, she was completely oblivious to who Cole was chasing, she was completely oblivious to what was going to happen to Cole, she was completely oblivious that she wouldn’t see him again, at least not in the way she knew him. Catherine Hector was completely oblivious to what was going to kill her heart.

Cole stared at the strange device in the assailant’s hand; it was silver and oddly-shaped, it looked like something out of his science-fiction pulp novels. He was going to ask what it was but before he could, the assailant fired. A bright blue bubble of light enveloped Cole and gave him the most severe headache, he raised his hands and tried to escape the bubble but could not. As the bubble dissipated, Cole could feel the environment around him warp and shiver, when the bubble disappeared he looked at his hands.

He ran his strange new hands around his body and felt something really wrong

They were not the hands that he recognised, they were paler and somehow smaller, he pulled up the sleeve of his trench coat and looked at his arm, that was paler and smaller too. He ran his strange new hands around his body and felt something really wrong. He looked down and noticed something that shouldn’t have been there, it shouldn’t have been there at all, or rather they shouldn’t have been there at all. His hands shook as he felt them, they were firm, round and protruding out of his chest. They were something that only females should have.

At that point in time he didn’t know what the assailant had done to him, he felt only fear, anger and confusion about what was happening to him…

His hands shook like leaves caught in wind as he looked at himself. He screamed and screamed and screamed.

The assailant slowly walked towards Cole and put his hands in front of him. He tried to calm Cole down, “Calm down Cole, it’s alright” he said in a strange accent as he looked at Cole.

Cole scowled at the assailant and pulled open his trousers and looked down; he screamed

The assailant’s accent did sound very strange and unlike any other Cole had heard before, but at that moment he was unconcerned about the strangeness of a man’s accent. He was much more concerned with what the man had done to him. What had he done to him.  What and how?

“Calm down?!” shouted Cole “It’s alright?!” he whailed as he looked at the assailant “What the hell have you done to me?!”

The assailant sheepishly swallowed and looked at Cole “I’ve turned you into a woman” he said slowly.

Cole’s jaw dropped “You’ve done what?!” he shouted as he unbuckled his trousers to check on something even more pressing.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” said the assailant as he looked at Cole.

Cole scowled at the assailant and pulled open his

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