The Most Scenic Train Rides in Europe

Take the train to see Europe a different way this summer!

Memoona Afzal
6th March 2023
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Europe is blessed with numerous breathtaking natural spots, with visiting Europe making it onto many people's bucket list every year. What about having a look at some of these stunning views all the while you are aboard a train? Trains promise to give you a peek of many a European attraction.

Bernina Express, Switzerland:

One of the most scenic rides in Europe, giving you stunning and sweeping views of huge mountains, placid lakes and green valleys.  It runs between Chur, a town of Switzerland to Tirano, Italy.  Usually, it takes 4 hours to cover this 90-mile memorable journey. It costs around 160 pounds for the first class. It does not matter, if you are a spring lover or a fan of snow this ride holds spectacular promises the whole year.  This UNESCO listed train takes you through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges and has 25 stops. Hop on it, and the train will take you along the Alps with its panoramic glass windows. Other than the Bernina Express, The Glacier Express, Golden Pass Line, West Highland Line are also other famous train rides through quaint Swiss Villages and dramatic mountain landscapes.

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Simplon-Orient Express:

Where are the fans of Agatha Christie? They might know about it more than any other traveller because of the Murder on the Orient Express, the novel turned big hit movie. Starting from London Victoria Station and ending near the Grand Canal of Central Venice, this train ride offers a once in a lifetime experience in more than one way. Its vintage carriages, world-class dining, piano bar lounges along with the wonderful Alpine scenery makes it more alluring among all other train rides of Europe. Those who have travelled in it, believe that this journey, that costs 3300 pounds for a solo traveller, exceeds all expectations. You will get the glimpses of astounding beauty of the European cities like Paris, Florence, Vienna, Padua, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest just in 24 hours ride.

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El Transcantábrico, Spain

Ever fancied a five-star hotel amidst luxurious beauty of nature? If your answer is yes then a ride on El Transcantábrico is a must for you. Takes you through the Northern Spain that is known as the picturesque part of Europe. From the historical Altamira cave, marvelously preserved medieval town of Santillana del Mar to the national monument of El Capricho, an architectural masterpiece of Gaudi alongside other spectacular sights promised during this ride. Multi course dining, exquisite night-life, sensual spas along with wood panelled lounges and suits are irresistible additions of this European extravaganza of a ride.

The Caledonian Sleeper

Why do we always have to choose between sunny or snowy? Why not have an experience of nocturnal magic that reaches it peak when the moon is high? This train between London to Scotland offers an overnight journey along with all the famous scenic Scottish spots. Moreover, to enrich your experience with luxury, different accommodation options are available ranging from ensuites to the classic room, traditional Scottish breakfast is offered in the club car. Besides, not only you but your pets are also welcome.  This journey of stunning views of lochs, mountains and moors of Scotland is bound to be a memorable memory for its riders. The West Highland Line also travels through the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct famous among all Harry Potter fans.

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The Settle to Carlisle Railway:

In the UK, this line is one of the last great mainline railways, built in 1876. It offers a picturesque 72 miles ride of English green fields. It includes views of Eden valley, Lakeland Fells, Three Peaks and quarter mile long viaduct of Ribblehead famous for photographers. On the train, your journey becomes more informative and exciting with five high mounted cameras so that you do not miss any spot of breathtaking scenery.

After riding these iconic scenic trains you will understand why it is said that it is not the destination that matters but the journey!

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