The Neon-Bible

Shamara Mohsin signposts the risks of wearing neon, and advice's on lightening up your look...

Shamara Mohsin
18th February 2019

Turning heads and splitting opinions the controversial comeback of 80’s favourite, neon has been lighting up your screens as the infamous fad yet again, attempts to weasel its way back into your wardrobes. And if it doesn’t feel like two minutes since you last had to rid the memories of the horrors of the highlighter lookalikes, that’s because it was briefly worth mentioning back in 2014, however only became truly notable late 2018 through prominent figures like the Kardashian’s. We can thank social media, however, for its fast track to our favourite retailers clothing racks.

The comeback was never really a shock, this last decade has solicited a mashup of fashion favourites, as well as those looks you just wish would die. While for some living in a decade where its perfectly acceptable to walk around with a cross body bag on your chest is outrageously fabulous, for others its nothing but a cringe. And if that doesn’t sum up 2019 fashion so far, nothing will.

While an entire dissertation could be written on the way’s neon can be integrated wrong; there’s also that occasional outfit where nothing works better. Neon is predicated to be the standout trend of the festival season and honestly, nothing screams fierce fashion like a festival weekend. We can imagine you’ll be regretting many moments of the event, so what’s one bad piece of clothing?

Wearing neon in small amounts is also a styling option of considerable value, however, with nothing else appeared to be a popular choice last summer. Neon swimwear has made a steady incline through the years and it’s probably the one incorporation that’s seems to be fully agreed upon to be a fabulous idea.  Maybe a repeat of summer 2018 will leave you tanning in an ultra-neon orange bikini too?

Another rise has seen the incorporation of the questionable colours in sportswear.  Safety first, means neon can actually seriously save you during late night work outs. Implementing gym wear into daily use is just a standard as a student and with the enlarging optimization of chic sportwear sporting neon, it’s hard to be mad about this partnership.

Remember that study done that said wearing bright colours makes you feel happier?  So, they probably weren’t planning on the return of neon, nevertheless the combination, albeit scary, can be implemented subtly and rather tastefully.

No need for that slime green Kim K spandex dress just yet. Branching on accessories to include your neon can create a contrast that can add refinement rather than ridiculousness to your outfit; think black jeans, white t-shirts and a neon yellow crossbody bag. Your neon is your statement and can add interest to your ensemble. In a world where your clothes are only as desirable as they appear through the lens of your iPhone, coordinating your monocratic February wardrobe with a little eye-catching colour can a make you shine bright through that Instagram filter.

Did you hear scrunchies are back? Nothing says 80’s like a neon pink scrunchie and while sporting your colour on your head isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely an option for those with the confidence to pull them off!

While neon will never be my favourite trend, even I can admit its ability to adapt with the changing market is admirable. While the contagious quality of today’s fast fashion generation will never excuse the purchasing of a neon beanie or dropping over half a grand on sunshine yellow trainers (Balenciaga, what a surprise). Subtle inclusions and well executed additions can be the defining factor of a stylish look and maybe, just maybe, make neon bearable.

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