Newcastle prepares to say hello to a brand new STACKThe new Stack

An update on St. James' STACK

Katie Siddall
19th March 2024
Image: Flickr
For the last 22 months, Newcastle has been without STACK due to a block of offices being built in its place. Many have been wondering about the plans for a new STACK and finally we can say that the wait is almost over!

Back in September 2023, Stack were given granted planning permission to build close to St. James's Park. This means that STACK will now be named: St. James' Stack, powered by Sela. The idea is for this locale to have ten various food vendors, six drink venues and great entertainment throughout the week - similar to that of its predecessor.

However, as the new location is close the Newcastle United FC's infamous ground, is will also be home to the new and upcoming fan zone. This fan zone will adhere to everyone's age as they plan to incorporate family friendly attractions for pre and post-match antics. The inclusion of a flat screen TV will also add to the venues character and, hopefully, bring in those who were unable to get tickets for matches.

The main aim of the new STACK is to complement the other works surrounding Strawberry Place; to bring a community together and allow them to have explore different cuisines and experiences that they bring.

As well as trying to attract people in, STACK are also trying to attract local businesses. They want to see their businesses thrive, so are hoping that this new venue will allow people to explore more of the surrounding area of St. James' Park as well as working with these local businesses as vendors and suppliers to STACK. If that isn't good enough, when the new venue opens around 150 jobs (full-time and part-time) will be created for those in the Newcastle area.

St. James' Stack, powered by Sela will open Spring 2024.

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