THE Newcastle Bucket List

Christopher Little tells us what we should all be doing in Newcastle before we leave... or kick the bucket.

7th December 2015

EAT:  They love their scran round this neck of the woods, so it would be a crying shame not to indulge in some hearty fare before moving on to pastures new.

Greggs: For many, Greggs is a byword for Geordie cuisine, and whilst a flakey steak bake is a local stalwart that must be sampled, you entertain this notion at your peril.

Fat Hippo: The Fat Hippo is a Jesmond staple as it can yield life changing burgers. You haven’t been a Newcastle student until you’ve eaten here. They do a great lunch time deal too.

Grainger Market: Top quality food for amazing prices. Swap your tesco shop for a quick visit to grainger.

Blackfriars: Eat like a king and dine in the 13th century banquet hall of Blackfriar’s. Perfect for that gradutaion meal (or any meal where your parent’s wallets are involved).

Longhorns: Not one for vegetarians. Longhorns is the place to go for things BBQed.

DRINK: Day or night, you’re never short of somewhere to quench your thirst.

Quilliam Bros: If you’re a tea-drinker, or just want somewhere chilled to hang out where you don’t have to pay for heating, this is the place for you.

The Botanist: With good food, a genuine tree, and more fairy lights and fruity cocktails you could shake your hat at, this is  a perfect date place.

Quay Ingredient: If you haven’t been here by the time you leave uni, you’ve never had the best breakfast, and thus start to the day. Period.

Mog on the Tyne: Unwind in the Mog on the Tyne as feline friends eye your paw-nini from upon your head (excuse the pun).

Ouseburn: A vibrant cultural hub, with picturesque pubs and countless gig venues.

DO: Everyone knows that everything is better North of Manchester, and Newcastle is the pinnacle of this claim. There’s a  life outside of uni campus that’s ready to be explored.

The Baltic: Situated across the river, you’ll have to venture into the unknown jungle of Gateshead to take in the beautiful art at The Baltic. It’s well worth the visit though and also has a fantastic restaurant.

Castle Keep: Of course there’s a castle in Newcastle. The Keep offers regular scary movie nights if you really want to make the most of the spooky setting.

Tynemouth: What could be better than a day on the beach? A day on the beach that’s close to the city with the most amazing fish and chips, that’s what’s better.

GNR: See all of the best sights of Tyne and Wear in the world’s biggest half marathon. You can do it! I promise!

Late Shows: The annual Late Shows are a student friendly way to explore Newcastle’s plethora of cultural and artistic venues. It’s a free culture crawl that runs in to the night, with a diverse array of eclectic activities.

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