The Newcastle uni buildings if they were sex positions

Ever wondered how the Percy Building would do the dirty?

12th February 2023
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Walking through campus, have you ever stopped to glance at any of our university buildings and thought "Hey, I wonder what this place would be if it were a sex position"? My guess would be, no, not once ever. So, with that being said, here I am to answer the question on no one's mind, with a definitive list of some of our top buildings across campus and their sexy counterparts.

Starting off strong, I'm assigning our Student's Union building to missionary. We stroll past it every day, we might not think much of it consciously at least, but it's still our go-to, the default if you will. It's reliable and it gets the job done.

It's reliable and it gets the job done.

Next up, I would liken the Barbara strang teaching centre to doggy style. The reason is that I don't like it that much but somehow I always end up in it.

There's only one contender for cowgirl and that'd have to be the Percy building. Reverse cowgirl? The medical school. Opposites, but both very useful to their subject areas. They’re not for everybody, but they cater to the niche audience that they do have well. 

Next, I'm putting the Henry Daysh down as 69-ing. Just a very pleasurable experience all around, you know? Everyone has their fun (especially with basically any and every degree being taught in there).

I think the Urban Sciences building can be assigned to scissoring. There aren’t as many discussions around it, given that it's absolute miles (a ten minute walk) away from the central cluster of university buildings, but it’s worth it once you’re in there. 

Last up, I’m gonna put the Herschel building and spooning together. I feel like they’re both just quite minimal, nothing outstanding or remarkable, but sometimes we just happen to be there. Not so appealing from the outside, but once you’re in, it’s the same as anywhere else. 

So there you go, my indisputable opinions of what the Newcastle University buildings would be if they were sex positions. If you disagree with any of these, please argue with the wall. Many thanks.

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